Referral policy for IT outsourcing companies in India

What we do

Uplers is a hiring platform that helps companies in hiring the top talents that India has to offer.
We have a pool of 2,00,000+ pre-vetted and experienced talents.







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Why this isn’t a competition?

Our services are different

While most IT outsourcing companies take on projects and campaigns, we specifically deal in full-time hiring only.


When you provide a dedicated resource or try to deploy a full-time employee, the profitability is low many times. Our flat referral of $5000, gives you an easy 12 months' profits that you could have earned, without all the hassle of finding, managing, and retaining a talent.

Top talent is hard to find

IT outsourcing companies usually have a hard time finding top talents, and clients end up going elsewhere or canceling the contract within a few months even after sharing many profiles. Instead, you can leverage Uplers.

Dedicated resources aren't full-time employees

Clients often want a full-time employee, so IT outsourcing companies provide them with a dedicated team member who is supervised by them. This arrangement lacks sufficient control for the client & leads to contract terminations. This occurs because we focus on providing what we have instead of understanding the client's needs.


How it works

For every successful client referral you make, we will reward you with a whopping $5000!

Some use cases for you to consider

An IT outsourcing company in Bangalore, had a client for 2 years, who required a full-time Java Developer. After sharing 50 profiles, none were selected. Instead of losing that client, they referred them to Uplers.
A marketing agency in Mumbai, with a client based out of the USA wanted to develop a team in India of 5 people. They hired 4 people, but the marketing agency faced a lot of issues in setting up onboarding, payroll, etc., and was on the verge of losing the client. They referred the client to Uplers.
A web development company in Ahmedabad had a client for 10 years, who decided to have complete control over those developers who worked for them in the past several years. Within 3 months, they got frustrated and the client and the firm's expectations were not met. They decided to refer them to Uplers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are the referral payouts counted?

The referral payout is based on client conversion, not the number of talent hired.

What is the referral amount for a business that hires multiple talents?

If a business hires multiple talents from Uplers you would be eligible for a $5000 one-time payout.

When will I get paid?

You'll be paid immediately after the successful conversion of the referral.

What type of clients can be referred for Uplers referral program?

Businesses that are looking to hire full-time talent can be referred.

Who makes the final decision on the eligibility of the referral?

The final decision on the eligibility of the referral would be made by Uplers Management.


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