7 Essential Roles for a Dedicated Digital Marketing Team

  • Aayush Gupta
  • November 26, 2021
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7 Essential Roles for a Dedicated Digital Marketing Team

Digital marketing is the third most popular outsourced services in the IT sector. 34% of businesses outsource their digital marketing services. Moreover, most new businesses invest over 50% of their budget in marketing. This reflects the importance of digital marketing services for every business and the need for an dedicated digital marketing team.

Is your digital marketing team efficient in drawing great returns from digital campaigns?

Issues with Building a Big Digital Marketing Team Inhouse

  • High Resource Cost: The cost of hiring in-house resource in tier 1 countries is way high.
  • Lack of Management Expertise: 65% of businesses have never had a regular digital marketing training. This creates a management gap, which might result in campaign failure and loss of budget.

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  • Scarcity of Talent: Businesses fail to find the right expertise inhouse.
  • Overhead and CAPEX Cost: A business is liable to pay the overhead cost and invest in the infrastructure, electricity and internet cost for each in-house employee.

Benefits of Building a Dedicated Digital Marketing Team Offshore

  • Finding the Right Talent: Outsourcing gives businesses access to a global talent pool.
  • Credibility & Ownership: A specialized digital marketing agency takes ownership of its resources and meets the security standards.
  • Focus on Core Business: Businesses can majorly focus on core business activities.
  • Practising Multi-channel Marketing: Having a big digital marketing team helps businesses benefit from multi-channel marketing.
  • Minimizing Risk and Drawing Results: A specialised team minimizes the risk of campaign failure and delivers better results.
  • Lower Resource Cost and No CAPEX: Offshore team from tier 2 and tier 3 countries have lower resource cost.

A dedicated digital marketing team might promise to be a cut above the inhouse team model, but businesses need to decide the right team structure for their team.

Essential Roles for a Dedicated Digital Marketing Team

1. Marketing Strategist

The quintessence of every marketing strategy is finding the right audience and reaching them in the most presentable way. The role of a marketing strategist is to take a broader look at the marketing perspective and giving the right direction to the execution team. The responsibilities of a marketing strategist include:

  • Identifying the right audience
  • Finding the right platform for targeting
  • Creating the right user journey
  • Understanding the keyword strategy
  • Aligning the remote marketing team with the actual business goal
  • Analysing the marketing pitch and content strategies
  • Establishing key performance indicators

The marketing strategists play an important role in defining the brand image and creating a broader-level strategy to be followed by the execution team.

2. The SEO Specialist

An important part of your execution team is the SEO specialist who makes sure that the content you produce for digital marketing actually performs in the search engine. The SEO specialist has various responsibilities that include:

  • Managing tools like Google Analytics and Search Console
  • Optimizing content to perform in search engines
  • Defining and implementing keyword strategies
  • Creating alt text, heading text, and metadata
  • Establishing key performance metrics
  • Conducting SEO audits

Your dedicated digital marketing team is incomplete without an SEO specialist.

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3. The Content Writer/Marketer

You need someone in your dedicated marketing team to actually execute your content strategies and give words to your marketing ideas. You need a content writer and/or a content marketer who could:

  • Create marketing blogs
  • Create content marketing plans
  • Strategize and create website content
  • Write marketing email copies
  • Develop great content for eBooks, infographics and white papers
  • Plan content outreach and content marketing
  • Work in coordination with the SEO specialist

The dedicated content writer/marketer you hire needs to have extensive SEO knowledge as well, so as to create brilliant content that performs.

4. PPC Manager

Paid advertising is the most crucial marketing investment, where PPC managers use various paid marketing channels to advertise offerings to the right target audience and meet campaign goals. The key roles of a PPC Manager include:

  • Segmenting target audience
  • Creating paid advertising copies
  • Strategizing and executing the right campaign structure
  • Deciding campaign goals
  • Executing the campaign
  • Analyzing and optimizing the paid campaigns
  • Monitoring various campaigns
  • Establishing key performance metrics

A specialized PPC Manager is accountable to monitor, update, test and optimize various paid campaigns so as to minimize the risk of campaign failure and increase conversions.

5. Graphic Designer

A vetted graphic designer is a must in your dedicated digital marketing team. The graphic designer adds visuals to your marketing ideas. Be it your website design, your infographics, or other marketing copies a dedicated graphic designer is an important member of your team. The key roles of a graphic designer include:

  • Creating website design
  • Developing and executing design ideas for eBooks and Infographics
  • Designing display ad copies
  • Designing marketing email copies

You cannot rely on stock photos and will need a graphic designer to help you make custom designs.

6. Front-end Developer

Businesses often skip on the importance of a front-end developer considering it an optional role in the dedicated digital marketing team. A front-end developer can help in creating:

  • Landing pages for paid campaigns
  • Additional web pages
  • Call to actions
  • Conversion forms
  • Templates and pop-ups

Having a dedicated front-end developer helps you execute your marketing campaigns more dynamically.

7. Social Media Specialist

Social media platforms have grown into influential business development platforms and handling social media isn’t now a side role but an important part of your marketing strategy. A social media specialist:

  • Creates a social media strategy
  • Creates posts to engage the audience
  • Builds a brand’s social media presence
  • Establishes customer retention strategy
  • Connects with social media influencers
  • Promotes brand on social media

Businesses utilise social media strategists as reliable customer retention assets for their brand. This can mean hiring someone or employing an agency like Buzzoid to increase engagement.


The digital marketing landscape is changing at a phenomenal pace and businesses today prefer to outsource digital marketing to specialized agencies instead of doing it in-house. Moving a step ahead, the dedicated team model offers better control than the project-based outsourcing model. Moreover, a self-sufficient dedicated digital marketing team can help digital agencies scale their business in a well-managed and cost-effective way.

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