How to Manage Time Zone Differences when Working with Offshore Dedicated Teams

  • Kevin Oskow
  • February 12, 2020
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How to Manage Time Zone Differences when Working with Offshore Dedicated Teams

Managing the time along with short ends plays a crucial role in business. While working with offshore team time becomes a distinguishing characteristic hence it is advisable to predetermine the time zone of the corresponding locations before you hire their services. Out of all the other locations, India is one of the most preferred countries for outsourcing projects. It is due to a number of reasons out of which the difference in time zone works in its best interest.

As it is obvious that the time frame across the world varies greatly, following the Asian standard Time there are many regions in the continent considered best for outsourcing software development. It is certainly different from other countries with large hours.

  • United States- India is almost 10.5 hours ahead
  • Australia- India is almost 4 hours back
  • Europe- India is almost 5.5 hours ahead
  • The Middle East/ East Africa- India is almost 2.5 hours ahead

Scheme of Time Zone

There are incredible benefits that one can easily convert from the time difference window when working with the offshore dedicated teams. Let us have a glance at the same-

Supreme services- in order to obtain unhampered and timely services and to stay ahead of the competitive age, offshore dedicated teams work best. The time difference in Asia Continent also works in the interest of the world.

Absolute coordination among the team- many software development companies have multiple individuals associated with onsite or off-site teams and all together they work in the same interest. The project is constantly transferred from one country to another country depending upon the working hours and this coordinated approach helps in shortening the estimated time of arrival.

Cost-saving- it can help you get the best hands-on your project where you can save time at an almost affordable cost. The time difference of a country like India can be highly turned to an advantage.

Why it is Important to Know About a Business Partner’s Time Zone

In the below-mentioned segment, you will learn about the time difference between the US and most popular offshore destinations-

dedicated teams in India time-zone differences

As we have clearly seen the difference in various geographical locations, it seems more a sign of opportunity rather than a barrier. Understanding the time zone of your offshore dedicated team you can easily set up meetings for a few individuals or the entire team in flexible hours. To maintain transparency among the involving parties you can share the well-structured time schedules and calendars so that all can be benefited.

The Only Elephant in the Room is Not for You

Considering the intensive nature of offshore development teams, the development of software is no longer a timorous concept. With the advent of technology in this segment, a large number of companies are looking out their way to get the best professionals for developing their projects. You might be wondering how to bring the experts in your project development requirements. Well, this is not as poor-spirited as it sounds and bringing some incredible strategies can easily help you to manage and execute the plan.

Elaborate Your Vision- as soon as you embark to outsource the project it is functional to set your right foot at first. You have to present a clear vision to the team so that they can actually realize your idea. In the big picture, you have to take care of the fact that all the professionals associated with your project know your approach.

Uninterrupted Communication- consistent communication is the key to excellent projects and in order to check over the work status or progress made upon such end, you have to maintain conversation frequently. Also keep discussing the timelines, limitations, scope and other such grounds with the team.

Avoid any Obstacles- the success rate of the offshore development project entirely depends upon how efficiently you can deal with the conversation and explaining the requirements. Offshore teams are located all over the world and this only reason can cause many barriers in the communication so it is better to take a pause and consider all the necessary elements which might cause the interruption.

Use General Vocabulary- we are discussing geographical terms, so it is obvious that there will be some common errors regarding the sophistication during the conversation. In order to avoid any misunderstanding or overlooked event, you can give large credit to precise words and short statements explaining your proposal.

It is not faint-hearted to say that managing the offshore dedicated team is a difficult task. With the right mindset and clear approach level you can easily take heed of the suggestions and alleviate your company to another level.

Hire Pre-vetted & High Performance Remote Teams

Trump Cards by Hiring Offshore Teams

The offshore project development team shoulders the responsibility for every business dynamics efficiently. It is even considered wise for the businesses to outsource the project in most of the cases for plenty of benefits including but not limited to-

24/7 Project Development Cycle- The ultimate weapon in outsourcing the project is time and it is in your hands to utilize it the most.

Working With Experienced Professionals- Not every business platform is capable of hiring experts under all circumstances. Hence if you are looking for cost-savvy options but willing to work with highly skilled professionals then you can approach the outsourcing model.

An Increase in Efficiency– Working with an offshore team guarantees the involvement of cutting-edge Technology because the production can accelerate at an unprecedented rate.

Cultural Dimensions- It is a cherry on the top as the cultural diversity can be extended to different levels of benefit in both parties.


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