How to Shortlist the Right Full Stack Java Developer Resumes?

  • Aayush Gupta
  • April 22, 2022
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How to Shortlist the Right Full Stack Java Developer Resumes?

How do I recruit skilled java developers matching my hiring requirement? What should I consider as key essential skills when shortlisting full stack java developer resumes? What should a full stack java developer know? How to evaluate a full stack resume and its competency when hiring a java developer?

Have these questions been bothering you? If you’re an IT recruiter looking to hire a java developer that meets all your requirements, this quest may seem never-ending to you. You must’ve come across a lot of full stack java developer resumes but sadly, nothing seems to stand out.

Going Crazy Shortlisting Java Full Stack Developer Resume - Hire Uplers Certified Talent

Shortlisting Full Stack Java Developer Resumes: The Drill of Sourcing With Facts

The demand for tech professionals continues to grow each year, but the supply doesn’t keep up. In fact, an Indeed survey reported that 86% of IT recruiters find it difficult to hire technical talents.

The limited pool of available talents with the right academic background, professional skill sets, and adequate soft skills are the biggest reasons why IT recruiters are not able to find candidates that match their job requirements. There may be plenty of applications you receive from your job board but you might struggle to find candidates who have the expertise that you need.

Skill Gap Insights for Tech Talent - Hire Uplers Certified Talent

(Source: McKinsey & Company)

A lot of candidates also lack formal IT education. While looking through full stack java developer resumes, you will notice that a lot of candidates do not have a sound educational background. But, owing to the ongoing talent crunch and skill gap, it is mostly recommended to prioritize skills-first hiring. 


Skills-First Hiring of Full Stack Java Developers

Yet another challenge is that your company needs to stand out from the competitors. When it comes to java developer jobs, we are facing more demand and less supply. Candidates have a lot of options which means your company needs to stand out so that candidates prefer you over the competitors.

While looking for the right java developer can be overwhelming, you can make things a tad bit easy by having a look at their work portfolio. 

As already emphasized above, skills-first hiring means reviewing the work portfolio of a java developer and mapping it with your requirements. This will help streamline your search for skilled and qualified full stack java developer resumes to a great extent.

You’ll be able to find relevant information such as checking the type of code they use or screenshots from applications they created. 

Some candidates even show off their work on social media pages where you’ll be able to see their work in all its glory!

To make your job easier, there are a lot of talent sourcing agencies that can help you hire candidates remotely. These agencies have the access to some of the best candidates. They shortlist these candidates after rigorous screening and interviews. 

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In this blog, we will talk about the attributes that make a java full stack developer resume stand out from the rest. You will also be able to differentiate between regular resumes and highly skilled candidates who can be the perfect fit for your company.

5 Niche & Pro-Level Skills to Review in a Java Full Stack Developer Resume 

5 Pro-Level Skills To Review in a Full Stack Java Developer - Hire Uplers Certified Talent

An ideal candidate will be a master of all things related to java development. They will have the proper knowledge about database management systems (DBMS) such as MySQL, Oracle or MongoDB, and others. These database systems store data that powers user interface components. These components are websites, mobile applications, and desktop client tools.

They must also have exposure to different java frameworks, libraries, APIs, paradigms, core java concepts (includes OOP, design patterns in java, abstract class, serialization, interface, etc), SOLID principles, architectural patterns, and more. These are essential for modern website and software development, especially the ones where agility and security are a must. 

Apart from these above must-need skills, below are the skills that you should review in a java full stack resume that will make the candidate stand out! 

These are some niche and pro-level java full stack skills and will help you get complex development support and enable build high-end applications. 

1. Spring

When you review a full stack java developer’s resume for interview and hire, you must look for their expertise in the Spring framework. Here’s why!

Spring is a lightweight, open-source framework used to develop enterprise applications. It not only makes development easier and quicker but also ensures higher productivity.

Spring framework allows the use of dependency injection feature enabling objects to define dependencies on their own which the spring container injects later into them. Its structure is similar to the model view controller pattern. 

The spring framework is also used to execute built-in support for complex and typical tasks including data binding, validation, type conversion, and more. 

Furthermore, it integrates with Java EE technologies like AMQP (advanced message queuing protocol), RMI (remote method invocation), etc.  

The candidate you hire should have proven expertise in the spring framework. This is a hard skill to attain but the top in-demand java requirement of 2022. 

2. Cloud computing

We have seen an increased need to cut down time-to-market, eliminate bugs and publish frequent updates. Hence. developers need to cope-up with the evolving demands.

This is when cloud computing can be at your rescue. While looking at a full stack Java developer resume, make sure you check if the candidate has any experience with cloud computing.

Especially for remote hiring, cloud computing can serve as a boon. Cloud computing allows sharing of internet-based resources between devices.

Further, when a developer is familiar with cloud computing, it will provide you with an added benefit of less maintenance. This is because all the updates happen automatically. You can also access your data from anywhere with an internet connection!

3. Multiple programming languages

We’re not saying the candidate has to be a pro in all the programming languages. But, added knowledge is always beneficial. A java developer who is familiar with different programming languages will be able to carry out various projects.

Such a candidate will be curious to learn new things to keep their skills sharp.

Knowing more than one programming language means that the developer’s skills will never become outdated. They will be able to adapt to industry trends. 

The top java developers with a vast experience pool tend to have exposure to several programming languages that mostly include Java, SQL, REST APIs, HTML, JavaScript, Node.js, React, Solidity, Scala, Python, etc., to name a few.

In this age, where business requirements change often make sure you hire someone who is good with various programming languages. This way you’ll never be stuck!

4. Microservices

Looking to cut down development time? Microservices is the skill you should be eyeing for in a full stack developer’s CV. Lots of big shots like Airbnb, Disney, Dropbox, GE, and others have reported a 75% reduced development time after shifting to microservices.

Microservices are small-scale software applications implemented in the Java programming language. These microservices work together to generate a larger solution.

Your developer will be able to tailor these services as per your specific needs. 

Usually, when code is reused it increases complexity. With microservices,  every project will have its own unique setup ensuring minimal risk of future code repetition or optimization difficulty. 

Microservices also allow implementing of end-to-end testing for your system.

This means that you can overcome any possible gaps between different microservices. This ensures that messages are being exchanged and all additional network infrastructure is configured. 

A developer who is familiar with microservices will ensure that the whole business process meets performance and security standards.

It’s important that the full stack java developer you shortlist have exposure to microservices and should be aware of Docker container, DURS principles, and more. 

It’s a 2022 java full stack developer resume need. 

5. SOA

Quick building, testing, and deploying – SOA  enables it all. 

It is one of the most powerful tools to enable loose coupling between software components so that they can be reused.

With the added skill of SOA, the java developer will be able to develop and maintain service-oriented architecture. Your business will also have sound technical support when you hire someone who is familiar with SOA.

The candidate will be able to work closely with app developers and business analysts to design successful solutions and implement composites.

You can look for the above-mentioned skills while going through full stack java developer resumes. Apart from these skills, you’ll need to conduct an in-depth interview too.

You’ll be able to check whether the candidate aligns with your company goals and the job profile that you have in mind.

Taking these top 5 skills into account, you’ll be able to make sure that you’re hiring an all-rounder!


Hiring can be a lot of hassle. You might receive countless resumes which makes it even more difficult to make a decision. Among other organizational goals, recruitment can add to your burden.

This is when a talent sourcing company can help!

When you associate with a sourcing partner like Uplers, they will help you to find a candidate who meets all your job requirements and is the perfect fit for your organization.

All you need to do is let us know your job requirements and candidate expectations in detail and we will do all the hard work for you and shortlist the best full stack web developer resume. These resumes of full stack java developers are the pre-screened candidates with top-notch skills and experience. 

We specialize in remote hiring which allows us to have the access to a wider candidate pool comprised of the top 3.5% talent of India. This helps us to find the ideal match for your requirements.

We choose the best-suited candidates and all you need to do is conduct a final interview where you can have a one-on-one interaction with the shortlisted candidates and make the final call.

Wondering what our hiring process looks like?

Our process involves studying various java developer resumes and shortlisting the best ones after conducting various assessment tests and interviews. We begin by profile screening and shortlisting where we perform a holistic professional background check.

Then we move on to check their language proficiency which includes reading, writing, clarity, and fluency in the English language. After that, the candidates are supposed to give an aptitude evaluation where we identify their problem-solving capabilities.

After that comes our extensive technical assessment round where we will examine the candidate’s technical knowledge and competence. This stage helps us pick out the best ones who further proceed to the final interview round.

Our experienced interview panel conducts interview rounds for qualified candidates. This is the final call that will help us to perform accurate matchmaking considering the candidate’s expectations and preferences.

Interested in hiring a remote java full stack developer? Get in touch with us and let us help you find remote talent who will help take your company to new heights!

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