React Developer Hiring Guide to Hire The Right Talent in 2024: [Tips On Salary Data Points]

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React Developer Hiring Guide to Hire The Right Talent in 2024: [Tips On Salary Data Points]

ReactJS has the largest active developer community among JavaScript libraries, with widespread adoption by US companies. According to the Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2023, 50.4% of respondents leverage ReactJS- the powerful JavaScript library. This indicates how ReactJS has become a dominant choice for front-end development across industries due to its component-based architecture, virtual DOM, and extensive ecosystem. 

However, the growing demand for reactjs developers also comes up with a challenge for global companies as they are unable to find the right fit at fair pay. If you’re offshoring ReactJS developers from India, this blog will cover what to avoid, how to manage salary increases due to project demand and tips for offshore hiring of ReactJS developers.

 This react developer hiring guide will also address salary demands and suggest alternative solutions to address the shortage.

Current Hiring Status Of ReactJS Developers in 2024: Salary Increase Project- Demand And Supply Gap 

A shortage of skilled ReactJS developers in the US is putting further upward pressure on salaries. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the demand for web developers like Reactjs developers will grow by 13% between 2023 and 2033, further widening the skill gap.

The average base salary for a ReactJS developer in the US was $122,459 in September 2023, which is a 6.4% increase from the previous year. This increase results from businesses’ urgency to hire the available skilled developers. A similar trend has been seen in the following regions:

  • Australia

 Like the United States, ReactJS developer salaries in Australia have shown a consistent increase. As per, the average base salary for a ReactJS developer in Australia stands at $110,000 AUD annually as of October 2023. This indicates a rising demand and the potential for a shortage of skilled talent.

  • UK

In the United Kingdom, the average base salary for a ReactJS developer is £55,000 per year, as reported by Glassdoor in November 2023. However, salary levels can vary significantly based on factors such as location, experience, and company size. London stands out with the highest salaries, where senior developers may potentially earn over £100,000 per year.

  • Europe

 Generally, ReactJS developer salaries in Europe tend to be lower than those in the US and UK, but they exhibit variations across different countries. For instance, the average salary in Germany hovers around €60,000 per year, while in Spain, it’s closer to €40,000 per year.


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With more attractive salaries being offered elsewhere, attracting and retaining qualified developers locally could become more difficult. This could lead to talent shortages and hinder the company’s ability to grow and innovate.

What Are Employers Doing To Address The Salary Demand And Alternative Solutions To ReactJs Developer Shortage? 

Anticipating a talent crunch of 85 million professionals by 2030, Korn Ferry underscores the growing disparity between talent demand and supply. In response to escalating salary demands and talent shortages, employers are proactively deploying a range of strategies and exploring alternative solutions.

  • Offer Competitive Salaries and Benefits

Many enterprises are responding to the increased demand for local reactjs developers by offering competitive salaries, bonuses, and attractive perks. However, for over 61.2% of bootstrapped tech and digital companies, this approach proves challenging as they grapple with margin pressure while striving to meet the salary expectations of skilled developers.

  • Upskilling Employees

To address the second problem, companies are focusing on two main things: teaching their current employees new skills and looking for developers in offshore locations. They’re investing time and money in training programs to help their existing team learn new things. The challenge here is that it takes a while, and the company may lose clients or fall behind on projects during this time.

  • Hire Beyond Borders

More than 69% of US companies are struggling to find skilled reactjs developers due to talent shortage and limited access to wider geographies. To counter this challenge, 52% of companies are turning to offshore hiring from countries like India to find skilled developers. However, this comes with its own challenges that includes lack of offshore hiring strategies and the right process. Some end up hiring the unfit developers (technical and cultural), spending too much time on the hiring process, or working with agencies that don’t understand what the company needs.


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In general, companies are working hard to pay their developers well and are looking for new ways to hire skilled developers. However, it’s not always easy. In the next section, we’ll give you tips on hiring ReactJS developers from other countries and talk about things that affect how much they get paid.

Offshore Hiring Methods For An Employer To Hire Reactjs Developer

Offshore hiring for a ReactJS developer can be conducted through various methods, here’s a breakdown of each method:


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  • Job Boards

Job boards such as LinkedIn and Indeed are valuable for offshore hiring; however, this approach lacks structure. Without prior experience in resume screening and a structured interview process, it becomes time-consuming and often results in a minimal success rate in terms of both hiring and retention.

  • Staffing & Recruiting Agencies

While these agencies assist in candidate screening, recruiters often find themselves responsible for managing their IT support and payroll. Moreover, these agencies frequently lack transparency in their processes and the structure of collective fees.

  • Freelancers

Freelancers can help in short-term projects but if you want to hire someone that works dedicatedly on your projects without any timely delivery chase- this option might not work for you. 

  • In-house Recruiting and Employee Referrals

When undertaking a DIY offshore hiring approach through your in-house recruiting, it is recommended to ensure that, whether through in-house recruiting or employee referrals, a thorough check at each step is mandated. This ensures the selection of the right candidate aligned with your company’s vision and mission, ticking all the boxes for offshore remote hiring.

  • EOR Platforms 

EOR platforms help in payroll and onboarding, but talent sourcing might not be included. Companies often have to find a way to get the right talent which is often the tough nut to crack. 

  • Hiring platforms  

Companies lacking prior offshore hiring experience or encountering challenges in acquiring the right talent or retaining employees should consider partnering with hiring platforms. These platforms can provide comprehensive assistance, starting from the initial step of sourcing pre-vetted talents to handling payroll, facilitating onboarding, and ensuring compliance with legal requirements.


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5 Tips To Keep In Mind When Offshore Hiring Reactjs Developer (+ Factors Affecting Salaries) 

Here are tips on offshore hiring of ReactJS developers and factors affecting salaries:

Know What Skills You Need

Before hiring, figure out exactly what skills your ReactJS project requires. For instance, if you’re hiring a full-time ReactJS developer, make sure your job description mentions:

  • Strong skills in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
  • Knowledge of state management using libraries like Redux and understanding of RESTful APIs.
  • Problem-solving abilities and good communication skills.

Choose Right Offshore Hiring Method

There are various offshore hiring methods, including freelance platforms, dedicated development teams, and outsourcing companies. Assess your project’s scope, duration, and budget to determine which method aligns best with your needs.

Freelance Platforms:

  • When to Use: Short-term projects with flexibility.
  • Why: Quick access to individual talents, cost-effective for specific tasks.

Dedicated Development Teams:

  • When to Use: Long-term projects.
  • Why: Ensures continuity, dedicated support, and deep understanding.

Outsourcing Companies:

  • When to Use: Complete project outsourcing.
  • Why: Comprehensive solution, experts handle the entire process.

Cultural Bridging for Remote Understanding

Make sure your team can work well together by understanding and respecting different cultures. For instance, in India, people may show respect using hierarchies and indirect communication. In the West, it’s often more direct and with flatter structures. Knowing these differences helps everyone work well together. This understanding helps build a strong and diverse team, contributing to an effective working relationship.

Consider Fair Pay

Salaries for ReactJS developers vary globally based on the cost of living in the hiring location. For example, developers in Eastern European countries may have lower salary expectations compared to those in North America. Be aware of the average salary expectations in the region you are hiring from to ensure fair compensation, which contributes to higher retention rates. Before determining the right salary for offshore reactjs developers, it’s important to navigate salary trends of a particular region.

Transparency in Hiring Platform

Hiring platforms offer personalized solutions, unlike other recruitment methods. They assign a specific point of contact and provide checklists for technical abilities, language proficiency, and communication skills. Platforms pre-vet talents based on these criteria, making the hiring process smoother. To benefit from this, companies must clearly state their requirements when posting a job.

Hiring The Right ReactJs Developer: Hiring Trick 101 

The global talent crunch for developers is real, but the solution lies beyond your borders. India offers a vast pool of highly skilled and qualified ReactJS developers, and partnering with a reliable recruitment platform like Uplers. This React Developer Hiring Guide can provide valuable insights and tips to make the recruitment journey smoother and more successful. 

Through a rigorous vetting process, we identify the top 3.5% who boast impressive technical skills and cultural fit, ensuring you receive only the best candidates. Our commitment to transparent hiring, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency will help you find the perfect match 10x faster and at a 40% cost advantage.

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