Core Communication Skills to be Screened When Looking for Java Developers

  • Aayush Gupta
  • April 8, 2022
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Core Communication Skills to be Screened When Looking for Java Developers

So, you are also in the market to recruit good java developers.

Java is the top in-demand software development skill of 2022. Approximately, 70,000 MNCs globally are looking for java developers who can fit into their job position.

If you are looking for Java developers, you must have come across several questions, such as:

  • How do I recruit a java developer with the right skill sets?
  • Where can I find the best java developers?
  • How to find java developers for hire in a remote setting?
  • Are technical skills evaluation sufficient to screen java developers for hire in today’s digital environment?
  • Should soft skills be given much weightage when evaluating a java candidate for hire?
  • What are all the communication abilities required to screen when assessing a java developer?

There might be many more similar questions bubbling up in your mind. 

When it comes to hiring a Java developer for your next project, there is no shortcut. As a business, you will want to make sure that you are working with the best java developer who understands all your requirements and works efficiently.

But, where to start? 

That’s the kind of catch-22 situation most organizations as well as hiring experts find themselves in today. To help you get your hands on the best java developers, we’ve got some handy tips and tricks. Keep reading.

The Dilemma!

If you’re new in the market and are looking for Java developers and assessing their skills, you might have no clue about what to look for during the process. The pertinent questions include:

  • What are the skills you should look for
  • What would be the right questions to ask in the interview? 
  • How to evaluate their competency? 
  • What parameters to set for the java developers to be the right match?   
  • How to set the right expectations? 
  • How to negotiate on salary? 

It might appear overwhelming for you to find a candidate who can match your expectations and understand your goals. However, your approach to sourcing can make a lot of difference. 

When you hire from a vetted pool of candidates, you’ll be connecting with the top talents who have been selected after a thorough screening and background check. Half the task of sourcing the right candidate can be minimized with this approach. 

Also, it is you who will be making the final call of hiring the right candidate from the list of shortlisted talents matching your profile JD.


Hire Java Developers with 360-degree Skills: From Great Communication to Sound Technical Skills

While it is mostly the technical aspects that get huge attention when looking for java developers to hire, there are several non-technical yet extremely vital things that also need equal attention considering the global work environment of 2022.

As you might have guessed, we are talking about possessing excellent communication skills.

Communication is the primary soft skill of a java developer. You should never hire a candidate with poor communication, even if it’s a technical profile. A good communicator can work as a smart player who can dodge complex situations and bring solutions efficiently. Being a java developer, complexities are going to be the core of the everyday life cycle and so a good communicator would be required. 

Hiring Java Developers in Remote Setting

Also, communication is not only restricted to verbal and written skills. There is more to it. 

In this blog, we will highlight some communication cues that you should look out for in a java developer when interviewing them for hire.

The next segment will help you deep dive and understand the kind of communication skills you need to look out for, in addition to written and verbal abilities. We will also be gauging the candidate’s emotional intelligence quotient, which will ultimately help you to understand their dominant personality.

This is a smart-screening guide for you to navigate through this challenging recruitment funnel.

Let’s get started with understanding how to map the right skill sets.

PRO TIP: Think broad with your hiring agenda. Ask yourself the purpose and the outcome from the recruitment. Devise a strategy that can breakthrough the market competition and make your job of screening the best of the best simpler. 

Looking for Best Java Developers: Learn to Map the Right Skill Sets 

Java developers are in huge demand due to the popularity of Java as a programming language. As per various statistical reports, Java is the second most popular and widely used programming language in the world. It’s a versatile programming language that fits well for creating almost any sort of application or software program. Hiring developers with skillsets of java technology is the top recruitment priority of the hiring managers in most IT companies. There is fierce competition between recruiters to source and hire the best Java developers in the market.

In fact, Java developers are among the highest-earning programmers in the world. But, what gets defined as the right set of skills when looking for Java developers?

Looking for Java Developer to Hire

Here is a crisp and precise overview of the technical skill sets of a Java developer:

Key Technical Skill SetsTools/Platforms
Core JavaObject-oriented programming (OOP), Design Patterns, Interface, Syntax, Serialization, Algorithms, and Data Structures.
Java Web FrameworksJava language is all about processing and sharing information that has been used for developing web applications. One such application can be seen in the form of Spring MVC or even Play – two frameworks that allow one to build their own websites with ease using only this coding technique.
Java Build ToolsThey must be familiar with continuous integration and deployment, which is accomplished through building tools like Maven or Gradle depending on your preference. They should also know about Hudson (for production monitoring) as well as Jenkins.
Java Testing ToolsThey allow you to test JSP pages and Web Applications with an interface that doesn’t need to be launched in the web browser. Libraries/Applications are on the lookout for JUnit, TestNG, and Selenium.
Java EE ComponentsJava EE components can help you launch an API for logging activities with cookies on a user’s browser. There are Servlets, Java Beans, and Pages to learn about in this process.
Relational Databases and Object Relational Mapping (ORM)The process of converting data from one type system to another can be difficult, but it’s easier when the developer uses object-oriented programming languages such as MySQL, Redis, PostgreSQL, and MariaDB as well as tools like Hibernate and OpenJPA.
Application ContainersUsed to develop authentication mechanisms that encourage users to log in or establish connections with databases, libraries/applications on the Learn JBoss and Jetty platform.
Big DataWith this technology, you can analyze and extract information from complex data sets. Powerful Big Data libraries allow users to learn: Hadoop & Spark!

It would also help if you shortlist candidates who are proficient in other programming languages as well, especially when looking for Java developers to hire. Having the skill of being comfortable working with different software platforms, tools, and multiple programming languages helps to fill your position with multi-tier abilities. Additionally, seeing how the OOP characteristics of Java allow Java developers to seamlessly switch between languages, this ability will make them an asset to your organization.

Adding to the above,  it is also imperative to review the core communication skills (or comprehensive abilities) of Java developers. Communication is the key to ensuring a streamlined workflow for any project execution, especially for development and programming.

A glimpse of Java developer communication skills to interview and evaluate:

  • Active Listening
  • Non-Verbal Communication
  • Emotional Intelligence 

We will discuss more in-detail about the above communication (or comprehension) skills in the upcoming segment of the blog.

But, before elaborating much on the core communication skills of a Java developer to work in a digital environment without errors, let’s take a brief look at the importance of communication skills from below.

PRO TIP: There are currently 9.4 million Java developers around the world. Competition is tough but that doesn’t mean you need to compromise on making the right pick for filling your position. We suggest being more precise with your requirement. Also, don’t just source your candidates from job listing websites alone, instead go for smart hiring techniques. 

The Importance of Java Developer Communication SkillsImportance of Communication for Java Developers

In order to be successful as a Java developer, it’s important to have strong communication skills. 

Especially in this era where remote working has become the new normal, you need to make sure that the developer you will be hiring has proper communication skills as the entire concept of remote working relies on efficient communication. The digital ecosystem in 2022 requires Java developers to be extremely proficient with their communication skills.

Here’s why:

  1. When the person you’re hiring has good communication skills, they’ll be able to share their ideas and feedback with others, which is essential for collaborating effectively on projects.
  2. Most importantly, the Java developer’s communication skills will determine how well they comprehend your project requirements and transmit the same to the teams. It also allows them to communicate the approach, status, and progress with the stakeholders. (Crux: Smooth Execution, timely delivery, and stakeholder satisfaction.)
  3. As a Java developer, it’s important to be able to effectively communicate with both technical and non-technical team members. Reason being coordinating and communicating for work with all sorts of parties. You might require to explain technical aspects to non-technical stakeholders in a simple language where good communication would play a key role.

Having the above qualities will help the developer to build better software products and achieve success as a team, resulting in increased value for business with optimum client satisfaction. Hence, when looking for Java developers, make sure to conduct an in-depth evaluation of their communication skills.

PRO TIP: Remember the “sell me this pen” trope of hiring sales experts? You can follow the same approach with Java developers. The best Java developer can help you explain the code logic in the simplest words.

Now that we’ve emphasized why communication is important, let’s dive into what are the key skills involved and how to find Java developers that meet the requirements of this era’s working model.

Active Listening – One of the Key Core Communication Skills

Communication Skills for Hire

Active listening is the primary component of communication. You need to listen to the other person and understand their perspective to put forward your point strongly. When it comes to programming or developing, it becomes more important to be an active listener. Why? Because technical communication is way too complex and requires a lot more patience and understanding to explain and communicate the nitty-gritty involved.

Having this skill allows the candidate to understand the code and the problem that is being solved by the code.

Additionally, active listening can help in learning new coding techniques and a better understanding of how existing code works.

By taking the time to really listen to others, they can avoid making costly mistakes and become a more effective coder. So, when you’re looking for java developers to hire, make sure that the candidate is an active listener.

| “The single most important key to success is to be a good listener.” | 

Kelly Wearstler

Below are the key aspects of active listening!

1. Turning on Mental Filter

Attentive, aware, and vigilant – these should be the perfect definition to summarize this pointer. When looking for Java developers, it’s important for you to observe and evaluate the candidate’s active listening skills.

An effective listener who is aware and paying complete attention will set a comfortable tone when responding and will be clear and precise with their response. As an interviewer, you should silently observe the way the java developer answers your questions, their body language, and behavioral pattern.

There is always a difference between answering a question because you are asked and sharing your thoughts based on the understanding you had from an ongoing conversation.

| “There is a difference between truly listening and waiting for your turn to talk.” | 

Ralph Waldo Emerson

To test if they are actively listening or simply parroting concepts, you can throw in an unexpected curveball in the middle of a conversation – anything about their hobbies and interests – which will change the course of the interaction. It also demonstrates their presence of mind and ability to adapt, which will attest to their skill and character.

Observe whether the candidate is conscious while communicating. You’ll be able to realize whether the candidate is actively listening or not. Are they focusing on the conversation? Or do you feel that their mind is wandering? 

Ask yourself these questions after gauging the candidate’s behavior so that you can understand them better.

This might seem small but when you work in an environment where physical proximity is less and digital dependency is high, you would be required to evaluate these points for hiring the best Java developers in your team and ensuring the efficient functioning of your projects.

All this will make sure that the candidate will carry out effective communication even during client meetings.

2. Good Observing Skills

Notice how observant the candidate is. A good observer will be able to understand the body language of the people they’re talking to and also understand their viewpoint which will allow them to respond properly. It’s important that the Java developer understands the query and then makes a response. 

3. Curiosity

Curiosity is a sign of a great learner. You don’t want to hire someone who doesn’t seem interested. Make sure that the candidate asks questions and has a genuine interest in what the other person is saying. 

This will ensure that when he interacts with clients, they have the ability to keep the conversation flowing and ensure a proper understanding of the project. 

If you are looking for Java developers to hire, just don’t miss to assess the curiosity parameter of the candidate as that plays a great role in making your next Java project a great success.

4. Acknowledgment

Project Managers often complain about how team members may fail to respond to a message and leave their messages on read. Given this background, some of the best Java developers take the time to acknowledge a message and respond appropriately. The response could be a simple acknowledgment, a message thanking the sender/speaker, an honest status update, or a follow-up question. Such small but impactful actions make the sender, be it a manager or a client, feel appreciated and respected.

Interestingly, you can test this skill during the recruitment cycle for every correspondence you have with the candidate! As for the interview, mere observation of how the candidate responds to your conversational cues will give you an idea of this skill.

5. Being Non-Judgemental

Does the candidate jump to conclusions or form opinions about what the other person is saying before even hearing them out?  

You don’t want a judgmental person who lacks patience as this means that they might make premature assumptions which could potentially lead to misunderstandings.

6. Seeking Clarity

Are they asking questions if something is unclear? The candidate should ask questions until they understand fully what the other person is trying to say. 

This demonstrates that they are taking the conversation seriously and that they value the other party’s point of view. It also indicates that the candidate is not set in their ways and is open to feedback or insights from external parties for issues that they might not truly comprehend.

[PS: Woohoo! You’ve come halfway through. Overwhelmed with all the insights from the content? Don’t be! It takes efforts to be AHEAD in today’s recruitment process. Make SMART decisions, and it’s only possible when you have the needed knowledge. A few sips of coffee may help!!]

Importance of Non-Verbal communication Skills for a Java Developer Hire

Core Communication Skills to Review When Hiring Java Developers

Non-verbal communication is an important part of any relationship, personal or professional. 

PRO TIP: Research concludes that 55% of communication is nonverbal, while 38% is vocal and 7% is words only. Hence, prioritize nonverbal communication while looking for Java developers. It doesn’t take much, just an eagle eye would help. 

Facial expressions, body language, gestures, and eye contact are some of the clearest non-verbal cues that you can look out for while interviewing candidates. It displays the candidate’s genuine interest in the subject and helps establish connections.

Many often overlook or ignore the importance of non-verbal cues and this small unidentified skill creates a lot of gaps in the execution areas. For instance, consider the impacts of your key client withholding feedback or a teammate holding onto their ideas that can solve an ongoing problem. How much time and effort could you have saved by capturing your stakeholders’ or clients’ true opinions now versus several weeks or months down the line? 

Non-verbal communication works as an information source and it’s essential to have skills to identify these cues.

Below are the key forms of non-verbal communication skills that you need to check when looking for java developers to hire!

1. Facial expressions

This is the most common form of non-verbal communication. It can indicate a person’s mood, feelings, and attitude. 

For example, a person who is happy will usually have a smile on their face, while a person who is angry will have a frown on their face.

Examine the candidate’s facial expressions and you’ll be able to tell more about the candidate’s personality and the way they approach things. Gauge their abilities and understanding of non-verbal communication. Observe how they are picking up conversations by looking at your facial expressions. This will help you judge their ability to read facial expressions and streamline the communication accordingly.

2. Body language 

A person’s body language is also an important form of non-verbal communication.

It includes the way the person moves their body and the way they use their gestures. 

PRO TIP: Observe the candidate’s code of conduct during the interview. How does he/she answers the questions and make conversations? You should be looking for Java developers who can initiate and lead the conversations, reflect positive body language, and disagree politely.

Their body language can communicate their feelings, emotions, and attitudes to other people. Hence, keenly observe and read the gestures of the Java developer you are screening for your next hire. 

3. Paralanguage

This is a type of non-verbal communication that includes the way we use our words and how we communicate. It translates the subtext of the conversation and also communicates the emotions behind the words being said.

For example, someone who is not very confident may speak very softly. Similarly, stammering or filler words could also be a sign of nervousness or low confidence. On the other hand, someone who can keep up the tempo while maintaining a good pitch and loudness is a sign that the developer’s communication skills are on point. 

4. Eye Contact 

Eye contact is another important form of non-verbal communication that can help you assess the candidate’s confidence levels and their ability to tactfully handle communication. 

It includes the way we look at other people when we are talking to them. 

Generally, eye contact is seen as a sign of respect and attentiveness. It can also be used to show interest in what the other person is saying.

If the candidate maintains good eye contact while talking to you in the interview, it is a sign that they are confident about themselves. 

If the person avoids eye contact and seems distracted,  it portrays that they’re not that confident and may not be able to lead client communication effectively. Further, shifty-eyed individuals will be perceived as dishonest.

Remember, the way the candidate behaves with you during an interview will indicate their approach during client communications. You need to identify the best candidates for your team and ensure that Java developers with good communication skills of all sorts are hired.

5. Tone of Voice 

The candidate’s pitch and tone are the final forms of non-verbal communication. It includes the way they speak to other people. 

Their tone of voice can communicate their feelings, emotions, and attitudes. 

For example, if they speak harshly, it might indicate that they are angry or upset. Alternatively, if they’re more soft-spoken and use a gentle tone, this indicates that they are happy or friendly.

The tonality with which they communicate also influences how others perceive their emotions. As such, if you notice that the developer comes off as harsh and intimidating then they may put off other team members or clients, whereas the soft-spoken (gentle-toned) ones can get the task done without ruffling any feathers. 

Effective Communication During Stressful SituationsEffective Communication in Stressful Situations - Java Developers Hire

While working in a corporate setting and a fast-paced environment, stressful situations become an inevitable part of the scenario. An unpleasant outburst or a nervous breakdown is the last thing you would want at such a critical juncture.

And here’s where the importance of emotional intelligence comes to light.

As a recruiter, you need to make sure that the candidate you’re hiring for the role of Java developer has the needed emotional intelligence to work in a stressful environment without losing their patience and compromising their efficiency. 

Emotional intelligence (EI) or Emotional Quotient (EQ) is the capacity to be aware of and manage one’s own emotions, and the emotions of others. Emotionally intelligent individuals are capable of staying in charge of their emotions and remain empathetic, even while they are stressed, in a hostile situation, or under the influence of unpleasant emotions. As such, they can handle situations in a more pragmatic manner and deal with others without hurting their feelings.

When you’re looking for java developers and interviewing candidates for hire, you need to identify how they will react during a stressful situation even if they are vetted and are the top talents of the recruitment funnel. The vetted talents also need to be screened on the basis of these parameters.

You can test this by giving them a hypothetical situation and then observing if they are staying calm and collected while reacting to that situation.

  1. Notice if they’re listening to you when you’re describing the situation and are open to understanding various points of view. 
  2. Study their body language which will give you an idea of how comfortable they are during unexpected stressful situations. 
  3. Are they maintaining a positive facial expression? Is their tone of voice calm and even? Are they maintaining eye contact?
  4. Also, look out for the confidence in their tone, if they’re using terms like ‘ I don’t know’ and ‘I’m not sure’, this means that they’re not confident enough to come up with a solution-centric approach.
PRO TIP: Even if a candidate were to reply with an “I don’t know” or “I’m not sure” do not entirely dismiss them just as yet. It shows that they are honest and take accountability. In such cases, you can always test their willingness to learn, which will complement this quality.

All this will give you an idea of whether or not they’re good at dealing with tense situations.

As a Java developer, the person should be able to collaboratively work with their team members and understand their situation without jumping to conclusions. Their emotional intelligence will lend insight into how much of a team player they are and how they can lead the team in the right direction.

This will avoid the risk of starting an argument while working with a team on some project no matter how heated things get.       

|“Be sensitive about the sensitivity of others.”|

Lynn Ujiagbe

Following these tips can help you know the candidate better and understand how they deal with things professionally, without losing their cool or patience.

Make sure to follow these tips while you interview Java developers for your next hire.

Uplers Vetted Pool of Java Developers – The Right Matchmaking of Skill Sets for Hiring Managers

When you partner with Uplers, you get the opportunity to hire from the top 3.5% of talent in India. 

From their educational background to work experience, they will excel in every area that will make them eligible enough to be the right choice for your organization. 

Only the best Java Developers can sustain in our pool of candidates as we follow a critical assessment process when screening talents. We have a rigorous 5-step vetting process to ensure only the top talents make it to our pool of Java developers. Every candidate in our pool goes through three kinds of tests which are technical aptitude evaluation, versant communication screenings, and panel interviews (2 rounds). Only after a candidate has cleared all these three stages, will he/she qualify as a part of our talent pool. 

Since the Java developer you hire will be working remotely as an extended arm of your team, we will make sure that they have a great command of English and have crystal clear communication skills which will make collaborating easy for you. Our communication assessment involves both verbal and written communication tests which help us identify the candidate’s written proficiency as well as verbal fluency. 

All our candidates are shortlisted after a thorough background check and screening which makes your recruiting easier. You just have to conduct the final interview and pick the right candidate from our shortlisted pre-vetted Java developers. And while Uplers takes care of all the grunt work for you, we would still encourage recruiters to implement the strategies to evaluate the skills listed above while looking for Java developers for their organization. We are doing the groundwork for you but the skills or qualities mentioned above need to be screened by you for having the best from the best. 

Looking for Java Developers to Hire: A Checklist to Follow!

Let us quickly do a roundup of how to find the best Java developers on the basis of their core communication skills.

  • Communication is a foundational skill for developers. Even if someone is technically competent, if they fail to communicate these ideas and concepts, they would still be contributing to knowledge gaps.
  • When looking for Java developers, you must make sure that the candidate you are hiring has excellent communication skills – both verbal & non-verbal. 
  • The correspondence leading to the interview can act as a window to the candidate’s written communication skills. The rest is up to the interview.
  • Observe whether the candidate is an active listener. Common signs of active listening include staying on the subject, echoing emotions, recollection of ideas, acknowledgment, mirroring, etc.
  • Verbal communication can be assessed by relevance, tonality, pitch, and paralanguage.
  • Nonverbal communication relies on cues like facial expressions, body language, and eye contact.
  • Posit hypothetical situations to identify whether or not they’re emotionally intelligent and are able to tackle stressful communication efficiently.
  • Observe their way of approaching hard questions and stressful communications.
  • Check their knowledge levels (technical ones) and experience of working with different projects (work portfolio – if any).
  • Make sure if they’re collaborative and work well as a team.
  • For vetted talents, their technical aptitude test scores and other evaluation scores need to be assessed.
  • Understand their body language and identify their attitude towards work.

Considering recruiters’ drill of how to find Java Developer, the above blog aims to provide insights that will help take smart routes of hiring the right skill set instead of the traditional and tedious sourcing processes. 

Get in touch with us and choose from the top talents of India who have years of experience working on versatile Java projects. You can even get in touch with us for guidance and support with regard to hiring Java developers.

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