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Uplers is perhaps the only hiring platform for hiring full-time talent that offers fully transparent pricing. This means that both our client companies and talents know exactly how much the client company is paying the talent; and what the Uplers platform fees are. Client companies and talents simply mutually agree on the talent salary, and the Uplers platform talent discovery and talent management fees are fully disclosed to all.

Just choose the right model that works for you, select the add-ons like fractional HR support and others, and everything is set!

Transparent Pricing

Discover Co-Founders Mark & Daniel’s journey as they went about assembling their top team.

I can totally relate to this

Founder of a US-based ad agency

This is why hiring top talent is my number one priority

Vice President of an Australian Retail chain

I watched this as I prepared for the VC presentation for our Series A round, so relatable!

Co-Founder of a hot tech-start-up in the UK

India’s top tech and digital talents


Network of
1 Million talents


Top 3.5% of Indian talents vetted through in-depth AI-enabled screening

Time zones

Talents available to work in all time zones

Remote readiness

Technical Proficiency, English language skills, Cross-cultural effectiveness, Remote readiness

Hiring that’s efficient on cost and
effective on value

Hiring Costs

Save up to 40% on hiring costs

Hiring Cycle

Reduce hiring cycle by half; onboard top talents in 2-weeks or less

Niche Skills

Easily hire hard-to-find talents with niche skills

On-board Talents

On-board talents with a global mindset and have them operate as an integral part of your team

AI-screened deeply-vetted profiles

AI Vetted Profile 1
AI Vetted Profile 2
AI Vetted Profile 3

Our Success Stories

Melanie kesterton
Team tg
Melanie Kesterton
Head of Client Service, ITG

Access to top talents for short-term projects

Uplers helped ITG find their ideal top talent from a vast network of meticulously vetted talents, ensuring a quick and successful hiring process.

Bans Agacdan
Barış Ağaçdan
Director, Dentakay Dental Clinic

Faster scaling with minimal guesswork

Uplers’ deep vetting process and post-onboarding support ensured Dentakay found their right fit.

Aneesh Dhawan
Aneesh Dhawan
CEO & Founder, Knit

Finding the right fit

Uplers’ reliable hiring process ensured Knit found the best professionals for their fast-paced environment.

Linda Farr
Linda Farr
Chief of Staff, Incubeta

Wider access to skilled talents

Uplers helped Incubeta go beyond borders to find qualified talents as per their hiring budget and expectations.

Hiring an individual or assembling an entire team, we have got you covered.