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Here are some of the common myths and misconceptions we hear about working with offshore teams and our responses.

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Myths About Offshore
Myth 1

The quality of the work
will be poor

Our pool of in-house talent goes through a rigorous vetting process to ensure that they are able to deliver work to a high-standard in their respective discipline.

quality of the work
Myth 2

We won’t be able to communicate with one another

Offshore Remote Teams fully integrate into your business processes, working with the communication tools that you know and love.

communication tools
Myth 3

The time gap will mean a lag in productivity

Collaborate with your Offshore Remote Team during the times in which the work day overlaps or we can also configure your team to match your local time zone.

Collaborate with Offshore Remote Team
Myth 4

It’s a security risk

Issues like Data Privacy and Intellectual Property breaches are of a high priority for us. Every new client we establish well-documented, industry standard NDA norms.

security risk
Myth 5

Offshoring is all about cost saving

Whilst Offshore Remote Teams does offer extremely competitive pricing, there are many other benefits including access to a global pool of talent, fast hiring time and flexible scaling as some examples.

cost saving with offshoring
Myth 6

Fear of losing control

Your team follows your company’s policies and procedures to ensure satisfactory compliance, and your Account Manager will only be an email away to smooth out any process issues.

satisfactory compliance

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