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The Dedicated Programmatic Team clearly defines each campaign’s objectives, using carefully chosen DSPs, allocating plenty of quality inventory by using the right measuring tools and third-party verifiers to justify ad spend. They align platform picks with campaign goals & objectives and also ensure putting the right targeting tactics in place to measure it against your goals. They work on an automated, real-time bidding process that allows our clients to advertise to specific users in specific contexts and effectively reach specific target audiences.

The Programmatic Teams Can Help You With

Automate Ads Buying

Automate Ads Buying

90% of programmatic buying goes through Real-Time Bidding. Real-Time Bidding allows the teams better and quicker targeting, enabling ads to be bought and sold on a per-case basis, meaning only visitors who are in your target audiences will be subjected to the ad. Teams deliver ads accurately, according to the target options and trading parameters. In simple words, teams use AI and MA algorithms that channel a particular ad unit to the specific user at the time when it will be seen most likely. The Teams also interact with specific segments of consumers, targeting according to the device, geolocation, personal interests, and content.

Real-time Measurement and Optimisation

Real-time Measurement and

The Teams are experts at understanding the nitty-gritty of each campaign and help you fulfill your goals of reaching the target audience with ROI generation. They adjust and optimize ads in real-time to test and improve the ad performance as well as have clear oversight on the ad spends. They measure exactly how a creative, campaign, or overall targeting is performing as soon as the campaign is launched. They execute campaigns in a fully transparent manner and continuously monitor optimizations and performance of it. Campaign insights are then utilized into wider marketing strategies to deliver lasting impact on future marketing plans.



The Teams make sure you reach audiences across devices; on mobile, desktop, tablet, etc. They provide ongoing support for platform-specific issues, help you understand new features and hand-out best practice guidance. The Teams provide end-to-end solutions designed to help you make the most of new technologies and guide you on how to put data into better use to better understand the target audience's needs and advertise to the right audience always.

Execution & Advisory

Execution & Advisory

Teams can help you plan and outline your bids and media buying decisions. They provide expert opinion and advice for you to take full control of your digital marketing efforts. The Teams are always on their toes and tailor their solutions according to your varied needs. They take necessary steps like bidding and optimization, helping you respond to customers’ needs faster, etc.

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Dedicated Teams for Startups,
Agencies & Companies

Be it a start-up, agency, or companies, the teams can cater to all of your needs with ease.
  • Startups
  • Agencies
  • Companies
Programmatic ad Startup Support Teams


The Teams start by understanding the direction a startup wishes to take when it comes to streamlining their programmatic advertising and then set out to achieve their targets. The Teams make sure that the start-ups that opt for us cost-effectively reach their target audience.



With the right bid and right buying tools, agencies can maximize the performance of any given campaign. The Teams have a wealth of experience and technical knowledge up their sleeves to improve the performance of your campaigns through data-driven optimizations.



Established firms and big companies require extensive efforts behind managing their ad bids. From media planning, media buying, troubleshooting, data structuring to segmentation for further marketing purposes in your campaigns, and providing full-service management for your ad campaigns including display, search, and video our teams can do it all.

Pick the Best Fit Resource as a Service

Responsible for execution of programmatic campaigns and execution of display, video channels in DV360 with the highest degree of service and without error
Day-to-day monitoring and analysis of campaign performance and revenue delivery with proactive optimizations to ensure client campaign objectives are met
Understanding of Programmatic campaign management tools: DV360 and DCM
Top level bid, budget and data driven optimization
Audience segmentation and remarketing data recency setup
A collaborative nature and ability to articulate findings to showcase multiple stakeholders
Strong written and verbal communication skills, including presenting campaign performance reports
Creative trafficking and simple structure publishers tag generation
Creative and ad copies performance analysis and sharing insights to further marketing messages
Weekly, fortnightly, monthly and post campaign client reporting with timely and accurate manner
Strong desire to execute, drive Programmatic campaigns along with coordinating with associated ad networks and affiliate channels
Manage the delivery of creative assets, insertion orders, campaign artifacts, and all relevant campaign documentation in preparation for campaign launch
Reviews client campaigns performance and communicate with client on a regular (weekly) basis
Understanding of other third-party viewability/validation tools (e.g., IAS, comScore, DoubleVerify)
Liaising with 3rd party technology vendors, advertising suppliers, publishers as needed
Proven success optimizing performance direct response campaigns via different goals: CPA, CPC, CPM, Conversions and CTR
Collaborate across Digital Channel, Analytics, and Marketing teams to improve campaign and creative learnings and performance
Working closely with and acting as a liaison for 3rd party platforms to ensure successful system integrations
Floodlight pixel, UTM and other click/Impression trackers creation
Self driven approach on data structuring, tracking and further segmentation for marketing purpose
Working with multiple stakeholders, internal and external, to advise on and deliver omni channel campaigns across CUTV, Video, Audio and standard display ads
Technical and operational knowledge of the programmatic ecosystem, as well as some of the major DSPs and SSPs (DBM, AppNexus, TubeMogul and The Trade Desk)
Understand the goals and success metrics, marketing, seasonality, USP’s, product set and competitors of all of your clients, and transform this information into marketing leading programmatic campaigns
Setting up the various audiences to serve the personalised and dynamic ads
Creating ad operation processes and work practices that facilitate efficient platform integrations
Working closely with and acting as a liaison for 3rd party platforms to ensure successful system integrations
Self driven approach on data structuring, tracking and further segmentation for marketing purpose
Drive the escalation, investigation and coordinate with the platform support to resolve campaign and technical challenges, through the development of processes, automation and solutions
Advance data Analysis - Cross channel integration & Multi channel Attribution modeling
Work automation, SDF campaign setup and optimum utilising the platform machine learning & AI

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Reasons to Choose Uplers for Dedicated
Programmatic Teams

  • Training & Expertise

    Our Teams are versatile, trained in both technical skills and marketing strategy. On top of being trained across multiple DSPs, they are also responsible for creative trafficking, campaign planning, channel strategy, and testing. They look at each of your challenges individually and holistically. The Teams are trained to look after the execution and proper implementation of all your campaigns. The Teams have hands-on experience on various tools namely DV360, DCM, Sizmek, Adobe Advertising Cloud, etc. and they keep brushing up their knowledge as per the industry trends.

  • Independent & Customised Approach

    Our approach is always client first and delivering in their best interest. We are a 100% independent company and have no trading alliances with technology companies or publishers. We also believe in a customized approach and hence have the option of using multiple DSPs. Using the right DSP is one of the mindful decisions the Teams make. Teams pay attention to the selling points and unique value propositions to weigh when making their DSP selections.

  • Data and Report Automation

    Instead of spending hours every month on creating reports Teams automate the tedious data pulling and spend time on what matters, getting results. With supermetrics, the team can see what’s working and what isn’t at a glance. And by identifying the gaps they focus on creating new ad groups, optimizing existing campaigns, and replicating the highest performing ad variants. The best part of this, it helps us follow a transparent process with our clients and to implement a meaningful and data-driven approach to reach the right people at the right time.

  • Retargeting

    Statistically, organic website visits, see only 2% conversion. The Teams retarget 98% by ads that are contextual and relevant after a thorough analysis of customer individuality. This is a highly effective way to reach current and prospective clients when combining the right retargeting tactics and tailored messaging for conversion optimization.