About Dedicated Quality Assurance Teams

Meet Our Quality Assurance Teams - Tech Bugs Can't Escape Their Eyes!

According to statistics, 32% of software projects worldwide fail because of the insufficient time allocated to testing. We do not want you to fall for such mistakes.

The Dedicated QA Teams ensure proper testing of the websites before it goes live. They check for responsiveness, compatibility, detect errors in coding, look for any bugs in functionality, and many more. They dedicatedly work on the websites to identify the areas that need fixing, making the end delivery extremely quality-based and user experience-centric.

Dedicated QA Teams - Ways They Benefit

Improved Quality

Improved Quality

Quality is always a top priority for our Teams. By making use of a wide array of testing services they ensure that no corner of your websites has been compromised in terms of quality standards.

Manual Audit & Testing

Manual Audit & Testing

A small glitch can make the user lose interest. The Teams manually audit and test each and every aspect of the developed websites and ensure proper fixing of all before final delivery.

Error-Free End Delivery

Error-Free End Delivery

When it comes to project delivery, we want it to be a pleasant experience. The Team experts focus on an all-round quality check, ensuring you’ll be at complete peace of mind at the time of release.

Expertise over Tools

Expertise over Tools

Using the right tools for the right purpose is really important. The Teams have hands-on experience of using the right tools and delivering error-free end results adhering to industry standards.

Dedicated QA Teams for Startups,
Agencies & Companies

The Dedicated Teams are the epitome of execution and excellence. Their knowledge and skills help them support everyone from startups to agencies and companies.


  • Startups
  • Agencies
  • Companies
Quality Assurance Startup Support Team


Testing the project after completion requires a huge amount of investment in terms of time and energy. Most of the time, startups do not have the budget or the resources to get into the QA side of the websites. The Dedicated QA Teams can help startups overcome this challenge. They incorporate high-end testing to enhance the user’s experience and do this by delivering flawless, error-free outputs.



Agencies are most often loaded with excessive work responsibilities and have a hard time figuring out the testing and QA part of the web development process. The Dedicated QA Teams help agencies share the responsibilities by resolving all the hidden flaws and errors in the websites and ensure a seamless user journey.



Companies and established businesses have a name and reputation to maintain for themselves. The Teams understand the demands and expectations of companies and strive to resolve errors before they become critical issues. Teams are known for their precise take on QA that helps them to contribute to the growth of your business.

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Explore the Talents of QA Teams

Responsive Testing

We all love websites that are adaptive to our mobile screens and browsers. The Teams ensure rigorous testing and reviewing for every website to ensure multi-browser and multi-device compatibility.

Device Compatibility Check

The Teams have a keen eye for mistakes. They review the websites from the end-users perspective, testing all the functional as well as non-functional aspects of websites. They manually check the compatibility of the websites in all devices and browsers.

Unit Testing

Every bit of the website needs to be perfect. The Teams perform unit testing for every piece of code to ensure that even the minutest bug is resolved. Delivering pixel-perfect output is what the teams believe in.

Pick the Best Fit Resource as a Service

Basic understanding of Front end and Backend technologies - HTML, CSS, PHP, any CMS
Comfortable working with debugging tools like Firebug, Chrome inspector, etc
Understanding of testing methodologies, SDLC, test plan and testing lifecycle management
Understand scope documentation, requirements, and specifications to learn the software under test
Proficiency with Bug reporting tools - Bugherd, JIRA, Trackduck, ToyBox
Develop test plan documentation, cases and test scripts based on functional specifications and detailed requirements
Proficient with all levels of testing (functional, integration, regression)
Detail-oriented approach to editing and testing websites for accuracy, usability, and accessibility (this is REALLY important)
Understanding of version control systems (bitbucket/git) with team knowledge of contribution strategies, and CI/CD discipline
A general understanding of SEO and its impact on the web
Ability to use PMS tools - JIRA, BaseCamp, Proofhub or any
Familiar with Agile and DevOps concepts
Familiarity with WCAG 2.1 as it relates to accessibility
Understanding of cross-browser compatibility issues and how to get around them
Knowledge of best practices to optimize web pages for speed and performance.
Experience with testing automation tools (Selenium, QTP, others)
Experience in writing and executing SQL
Must have a basic understanding of FTP, Servers & DNS, and databases (MySQL, SQL)
Previous experience working as a dedicated developer
Mentoring experience
Able to learn and set up new PMS for the team and client as per the need.
Improve internal tools, libraries, standards, and continuous integration
Attention- To-Detail
Remote working experience
Leadership abilities
Positive attitude
Collaborate closely with other team members and customers
Critical Thinking
Good with English communication
Verbal and written etiquette

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Reasons to Choose Uplers for Dedicated QA Teams

  • Seamless User Experience

    The Teams perform a wide array of testing services to provide a seamless user experience. These Teams live and breathe to deliver pixel-perfect as well as user-friendly end results.

  • Error-free results

    Error-free websites showcase your business to be reputable. The Teams work towards fixing all the errors and bugs that a website may have in order for customers to rely and depend on your business.

  • Focus on your Core

    The Dedicated QA Teams are here to help you with the smooth functioning of your websites. With their high-end testing techniques and defect-free end results, they let you focus on your branding, marketing as well as other expansion verticals.