About Dedicated SEM Teams

Meet the Motivated and Knowledge-Driven SEM Teams

Teams put in all their technical understanding, market insight, and paid ads knowledge to deliver promising results in terms of high click-through rate (CTR), increased quality score, and effective cost per click (CPC).

They work dedicatedly and collaboratively for target keyword research, ad copies, negative keyword management, etc, in order to make the performance of the campaigns result-oriented. They give a quick boost to your digital marketing efforts and enable you to connect to the right target audience at the right time. They ensure that you receive the maximum returns on your PPC investments. Right from the competitor analysis, keyword research, campaign structuring, adverts test to conversion tracking and optimization, they perform all with utmost focus, dedication, innovation, and intelligence making your ad campaigns (Google ads, LinkedIn ads, Facebook ads, Bing ads, Instagram ads, and Twitter ads) productive.

Dedicated SEM Teams - Ways They Benefit

Technical Competence

Technical Competence

The Teams devise a strategy with the understanding of search engine rankings required to bring websites to the top of both organic and paid search engine rankings. Understanding how websites work is crucial for understanding how search engine rankings work. They optimize these processes by managing and testing different marketing campaigns, using PPC and also performing keyword research.

Scalable Optimization

Scalable Optimization

The SEM Teams have the average industry spend insights and optimize bids for your campaigns accordingly. These Teams are phenomenal at what they do and know exactly what bid to set in alignment with the goals of your business. They use their technical knowledge and industry insights to improve the performance of your SEM campaigns.

Comprehensive Analysis & Conversion Tracking

Comprehensive Analysis & Conversion Tracking

The SEM Teams are focused on making your PPC campaigns deliver results. They perform a comprehensive analysis and prepare detailed reports monitoring your ad campaigns on a day-to-day basis. They carry out conversion tracking to understand which areas of your campaign are not performing in order to tweak and optimize bids, keywords and ad copies accordingly. Teams spend a lot of time researching trends and keywords to figure out the latest trends as per clients’ industry and algorithms to make sure they are still targeting the right keywords. In addition, they will also study website traffic patterns and use analytical understanding to determine what is effective at driving traffic. They spend hours in making your campaigns a success and bringing you qualified leads.

Holistic approach

Holistic approach

The Teams adopt a holistic approach when working on SEM services. Starting from Campaign structure to Campaign optimization and managing Cost per Acquisition so that ROI can be maximized. They also make sure the keyword quality score is maintained by adding keywords in proper match types to maintain the relevancy of ads yielding high CTR.

Get A Reliable Team For Your Business

Dedicated SEM Teams for
Startups, Agencies & Companies

Dedicated Teams are experts at execution. A Dedicated Team can help and grow all business establishments from startups to agencies and companies.
  • Startups
  • Agencies
  • Companies
SEM Startup Support Teams


Most startups have minimal resources and limited budgets. They’d think twice before investing their money in order to get maximum returns on their investment. Dedicated SEM Teams are the optimal solutions for this challenge. The Teams deliver ROI-focused results whilst keeping in mind the budget constraints of a start-up and also get them business without exhausting or overusing the budgets.



Running targeted ads on different search engines and optimizing them from time-to-time is not something that anyone can perform. Executing campaigns perfectly that in turn deliver great results is what requires a whole lot of research and analysis. The Dedicated SEM Teams understand agencies’ requirements for talent with technical know-how and knowledge of marketing tools and technologies.



Established organizations and big businesses need a reliable partner when it comes to managing lots of their money for running online ads. The Dedicated SEM Teams are devoted and work transparently. They are smart and passionate and take complete ownership of your account. Companies can easily rely on them and trust them with spending their budget properly and getting investment-driven results.

Dedicated SEM Teams - Area of Expertise

Google Ads

Our Dedicated SEM Teams are certified Google Adwords professionals. They strategize, execute, and optimize the PPC campaigns on Google and ensure focused work on it throughout the lifecycle of the campaigns in order to get it to appear above others in the competition and also capture the right target audience at the right time. The Teams work hand-in-hand to make every campaign work and deliver desired results.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is one of the most effective and efficient social platforms for B2B marketing. Engaging the audience in this platform through ads can bring-in potential prospects to the sales funnel. The ads manager in our Dedicated SEM Teams works to optimize the LinkedIn PPC campaigns in order to target the users on the basis of job profile, skills, company size, industry, age, gender, and experience. They ensure that every penny spent yield returns.

Facebook Ads

Facebook has its market share of online advertising spending of more than 18% that is still rising. There is no question of not covering this social platform with paid marketing.

Our Dedicated Teams have specialized professionals with several certifications in creating ads for social media platforms like Facebook. They know the tricks and the right hooks of engaging the target audience on these platforms. They set-up your PPC ad campaigns on Facebook for the exact target audience and optimize it for maximum cost per lead profitability.

Instagram Ads

This is yet another social platform that can work marvelously for engaging the right audience and finding potential prospects. Our Teams can set-up Instagram ads with targeted audiences for you. They are familiar with Image Ads, Video Ads, and Carousel Ads and know the right methods of making them engaging for a greater audience.

Twitter Ads

The Dedicated SEM Teams are trained and certified in PPC campaign set-up and management on Twitter. They can create both visual and text ads according to your business goals and reach out to the desired target audience.

Bid Management

In PPC, the most important thing is setting the budget for each platform based on their share of market popularity and effectiveness to reach the right audience. There is a lot of math involved in this. Not only that, but you also need someone who has prior experience and knowledge of how each of the platforms function and the tricks of getting the best of them. This often is not a task to be done by an individual randomly. There is a lot of brainstorming needed with the team to conclude anything.

The Dedicated SEM Teams work best in this. They set the right expectations at the right budget with realistic goals. Having them at your back can win half of the game.

Pick the Best Fit Resource as a Service

Basic understanding of digital marketing and technologies to run the paid campaigns
Use Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook Ads and create display and retargeting ads that support the overall digital marketing strategy
Reviews client campaign performance and communicate with client on a regular (weekly) basis
Understanding of PPC campaign management tools: Google Adwords Editor, Yahoo advertising platform, MSN Adcenter
Top level periodical bid, budget and in campaign data driven optimization
Audience segmentation and remarketing data recency setup
Creative and ad copies performance analysis and incorporating new messaging
Excellently communicate with client: Verbal & Written
Use Google Analytics for website traffic analysis and conversion tracking fucntionality
Campaign structuring and excetion of Facebook and LinkedIn Ads
Exceptional time management and organizational skills and multitasking capabilities
Weekly, fortnightly, monthly and post campaign client reporting [Work, Excel, Power point, Datastudio]
Search, Social, Affiliate and marketing media planning and campaign creation with quality checks
Responsible for coordination and tracking of regular performance media tasks as well as ad-hoc deliverables
Understanding of PPC campaign management tools: Google Adwords Editor, Yahoo advertising, MSN Adcenter, Facebook Campaing manager, linkedin and Youtube Ads
Monitor and assess the competitive landscape and keyword ranking performance
Analysis and optimization of keywords, ad copy and landing pages in addition to A/B testing
Creative and ad copies performance analysis and A/B Testing, further data driven recommendations on ad messaging and landing pages
Understanding of Web Analytics and CRM tools to use data-driven marketing to make key decisions on client websites to improve sales & lead generation
Basic banner creation via tools like Canva
Measuring the client ROI and drawing the runtime strategies to achieve the defined KPIs
Self driven approach on data structuring, tracking and further segmentation for marketing purpose
Oversee the strategic processes of your team (wide-scale use of technologies and strategies) and the quality of your assocaited members service (client visits, on-boarding process, client feedback/communication, etc.)
Staying current with best practices, strategies, legislation and industry standards related to online marketing, analytical & E-commerce tactics
Advance data analysis - Cross channel integration & Multi channel Attribution modeling
Gathering details and love a good spreadsheet – you’re comfortable with numbers, statistics & analysing large amounts of data to identify trends & make decisions
Execution and reporting automation by using the Adwords scripts or any tool to improve the work efficicent and excecute things at scale
Optimum utilizing the platform machine learning & AI
Functional understanding of GTM and other tag management platforms
PPC landing pages conversion rate centric suggestions and recommendations to increase overall performance of the account

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Reasons to Choose Uplers for Dedicated SEM Teams

  • Certified Professionals

    The Dedicated SEM Teams at Uplers are all certified professionals. They have the prior experience, proven strategy execution record, and the needed knowledge to set-up, run and optimize PPC campaigns in order to generate maximum results.

  • Advanced Knowledge of Tools & Technologies

    Performing SEM without relevant knowledge of tools and technology is impossible. The Dedicated SEM Teams have complete knowledge of all the best software automators, graders, research tools, analytics data readers, optimizers, keyword research tools, competitor analysis tools, etc. They use it to truly optimize the performance of your SEM campaigns.

  • Strategic Keyword Recommendations

    The Dedicated SEM Teams will use professional tools to do an extensive keyword analysis for your business, identifying those keywords that will give you a larger number of inquiries. Very often, those keywords go beyond the obvious and you have options that you'd never even thought of!

  • Performance Reporting

    The Teams regularly document the tracking data to properly monitor the trends in the campaigns. Based on this data, the campaigns are tweaked for better performance.