The talent crunch is real

69% of companies globally report talent shortage and difficulty in hiring.

With baby boomers retiring and moving out of the workforce and the millennials relatively ill-prepared to take on the roles left behind, there is a large, unanticipated gap in the skilled labour pool.

Local hiring challenges

Attracting the right talent

Attracting the right talent is a major challenge when you are hiring within a specific area or geography because the talent pool is limited. The one you are choosing may be the best of the lot that applied, not really the best fit for the job.

High Demand, low supply

The competition is fierce as one good candidate is contacted by several recruiters and may have more than one job offer in hand. Persuading them to choose your company over competition can be a challenge.

Costs time and money

A long time-to-hire is the direct by-product of a shortage of qualified candidates. Further vacant positions can delay operations and can prove to be costly.

Changing expectations of the workforce

Millennials have different aspirations from work and life. High salaries are no longer enough. Apart from better pay talents now expect more flexibility, better work-life balance, better perks etc.

Flexible working is the new currency for attracting and retaining top talent. Workers want to be measured on the value they deliver not on volume.

Remote hiring could be the solution

Remote hiring widens your talent pool

When you are hiring remotely, geography is no longer a concern. You can tap talents on a global scale.

Hiring remotely saves costs

Businesses enjoy reduced costs as they save on office spaces, infrastructure, maintenance and other recurrent costs. Remote workers work from the comfort of their homes and use their own amenities like electricity, internet etc.

Remote maximizes working hours

In a remote work setup employees don’t have the stress of long commutes, heavy traffic or bad weather and can immediately start working when they start their day. This allows them to maximize their working hours.

Remote work raises productivity

Remote workers enjoy a stress-free life free from office politics or distractions and a better work life balance. This helps to stay more productive than their office counterparts.

Remote work offers flexibility

Office work limits flexibility. However, that isn’t the case with remote working. You have the flexibility to adjust your schedule as per your convenience and commitments. Talents these days demand flexibility and a healthy work life balance.

Time to step back and redefine your approach to finding talent.
Uplers through their curated pool of experienced and vetted professionals makes it easy for companies to find the best talent that fits in perfectly with their business needs.

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With Uplers you save upto 50% on salaries without compromising on the quality.

Right talents for the right role

Get access to a pre-vetted pool of experienced professionals matched to your exact needs.

Remote onboarding and support

Uplers takes care of onboarding formalities like Payroll, IT/Admin support to make sure the talent is ready to start off from day one.

Easy cancellation

If at any time you feel the hired talent doesn’t fit in, give us a month’s notice. We will either suggest a replacement or if you wish we cancel the agreement.

No obligation interview

You are not obliged or compelled to hire the candidate we suggest for an interview. If you are not satisfied, we would suggest other options.

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