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Decode Salesforce Ecosystem with Offshore Remote Teams

Once built, your Offshore Remote Team will start by uniting customer data with customer behaviors in real-time to create intelligent communications. By leveraging intelligence-driven data throughout the customer lifecycle, the Teams deliver highly personalized messages across varied channels. This eventually transpires in increased customer satisfaction, increased purchases and renewals, greater referrals, and better ROI.

Offshore Remote Teams specializing in Salesforce Marketing Cloud - Ways They Benefit Businesses

Create 1-to-1 Customer Journeys

Create 1-to-1 Customer Journeys

The Salesforce Cloud Marketing Teams automate, set-up, and measure campaigns across the digital channels making every interaction personalized with intelligent lead nurturing, target-based messaging, and data-based optimization to create 1-to-1 customer journeys.

Journey Builder

Journey Builder

Teams tailor campaigns to your customers' behavior and needs, demographics, and communication channel preferences. This enables them to plan, personalize, and optimize customers’ journey across channels and understand where customers are on their path, and automatically guide them to the next step by detecting triggers. They make use of the platform by performing customizations in the campaigns based on real-time customer behavior data.

Lead Pipeline Management

Lead Pipeline Management

The Teams set-up, measure, and optimize campaigns to bring-in more leads in the sales pipeline and also manage it with personalized lead nurturing techniques. They know the technical hacks, automate management tasks, and oversee them for insights.

Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce Einstein

Offshore Remote Teams utilize the built-in AI features of Salesforce for accelerating productivity and leads to the sales pipeline. They know the hacks of manipulating the platform AI features to find new customers, nurture sales-ready leads, and make meaningful insights from the captured automated data to improve conversion rates. Smart selling is something that the Teams do well.

Get A Reliable Team For Your Business

Offshore Remote Teams specializing Salesforce Marketing Cloud Teams for
Startups, Agencies & Companies

When it comes to outsourcing your business requirements, building your own Offshore Remote Team is the best solution. They benefit all kinds of businesses from startups to agencies and companies.
  • Startups
  • Agencies
  • Companies
Salesforce Startup Support Team


Building Offshore Remote Teams specializing in Salesforce Cloud Marketing helps startups to cut costs on in-house hiring of talents with the needed skills, accommodating infrastructure, and buying the required technologies.

80% of startups face challenges with operational costs. Teams help to combat the challenge to a great extent.



Finding talent is the biggest challenge for agencies. As per the stats, 76% of agencies claim the right talent shortage locally. In that scenario, the Dedicated Teams can be the best solution for finding the required set of skills.

The Dedicated Salesforce Cloud Marketing Teams are capable of operating the complex marketing tech ecosystem and personalizing user experiences, helping to convert leads, deliver on sophisticated customer journeys, measure performance, and connect with several marketing tech products. It can bring efficiency in the performance of the agency’s salesforce operations, boost growth, enhance brand reputation, and maximize their profitability.



Extending teams with the Dedicated Teams model works best for companies to reach the right talent at the right time and at the right price. Around 1.9 million companies globally prefer to minimize their operational costs while maximizing their execution expertise. Playing smart is what they believe. And, we know how to make things work for them.

The Dedicated Salesforce Cloud Marketing Teams can bring in the needed execution expertise at much less operational expense than having an in-house team. Also, it's best to have an Dedicated Team for Salesforce as its requirements are dynamic and may require updates in techniques from time-to-time that only someone with the right knowledge can perform.

We Have the Right Talent to Fit Your Salesforce Marketing Cloud Needs


Offshore Remote Teams have the knowledge of the tools and mechanisms required for secure and reliable Salesforce integrations to different CRMs, CTI's, etc.

Customized Automation

Offshore Remote Teams helps with customized Salesforce marketing automation. They know the best practices for making the platform work and accordingly customize technologies and optimize them as per your business needs in order to maximize ROI.

Data Migration

Offshore Remote Teams assist businesses in migrating their company databases to Salesforce. The migration is performed in a highly secured IT environment. So, there is no risk of data loss.

Optimization & Analysis

Offshore Remote Teams automate the marketing operations on Salesforce and optimize it from time-to-time according to the analytics reports and user behavior data from better outcomes.

Pick the Best Fit Resource As a Service

Hands-on experience in managing & deploying user-initiated campaigns
Awareness on building SQL queries on data structures as per client’s need
Ability to build single-channel & multi-channel journeys using basic automation activities and multiple decision splits & engagement splits
Awareness of Email Studio and ability to do basic set-up
Ability to build and set-up A/B testing campaigns
Strong analytical skills to pull reports from SFMC and provide insights to the client for each campaign & journeys
Work with customers and platform data (SQL, Views, Send Log)
Ability to build & deploy cloud pages using existing content blocks
Troubleshoot on production-related issues with Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Proficient with building & testing AMPscripts to pull dynamic values & content blocks
Advanced level of experience in managing Email Studio activities
Hands-on experience in building SQL queries & joining multiple tables in Contact builder
Ability to set-up Einstein Recommendations & build Behavioral Triggers, Campaigns & Journeys (Cart abandonment, Product recommendation, etc.)
Awareness of working on a large database with 150+ data attributes & values

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Reasons to Extend Team Rather Than to Outsource the Project

  • Best-in-Industry Talent

    We have the best talent available to us in the industry. Not just the experience makes our talent the best, but they are the optimum choice because of their proven records of excellence.

  • Salesforce Certified

    Offshore Remote Teams are certified experts. We make sure that our talents are properly trained and certified before including them in our in-house pool of vetted talent.

  • Adjustable Team Size

    You can change the size of your team any time upon a notification that is sent 15 days to one month in advance.

  • Technology-Friendly

    Teams are capable of handling any technology. They are masters of tech solutions and can learn the use of any tool in a day.

  • Faster Service Rollouts

    With everyone trying to stay ahead of the game, it is vital to play smart and so outsourcing Salesforce Cloud Marketing Teams results in quicker completion of projects. The Teams rely on a focused approach that results in increased productivity at nearly zero downtime.