UI UX Job Description: Key To Finding The Ideal Designer

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  • October 12, 2022
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UI UX Job Description: Key To Finding The Ideal Designer

Step into the shoes of your users and ask yourself what it is that seizes your attention on a web page. Is it just the tangible design elements like buttons, icons, etc., or is it just a seamless user experience, or is it both?

Most of you will say both, which is why hiring the right UI UX designers has become the need of the hour. A quick search on Glassdoor shows that there are 4,526 jobs for UI UX designers in the United States. This number becomes 3X on LinkedIn with over 12,000+ job postings.

But, the elephant in the room is finding the perfect candidate for the job in the densely competitive recruitment market. The key to this is preparing an enticing UI UX designer job description that compels job seekers to choose your company over the competitors. An ideal job description can help you hire a skilled professional better aligned with your job requirements and thus curtail the employee turnover rate and recruitment costs. 

On that note, lets discuss the key components of job description of a ui/ux designer.

1. What Does a UI UX Designer Do? – Key Roles 

A UI UX designer is someone who needs to handle the responsibilities of both the User Experience designer and the User Interface designer (yes, they are two different things). Here is a quick list down of what does a UI UX designer do: 

ui/ux designer job description


UI UX Designer Roles

1Create the user interface of products such as an app, website, or any other interactive media
2Research the user’s needs at the project’s beginning, including conducting user interviews, engaging in prototype testing, driving competitive analysis, etc.
3Understand the project’s goals 
4Create relevant and data-backed user persona and journey maps
5Effectively outline the project’s scope concerning the required features and functionalities
6Design digital user interface elements (such as the ones on the screen)
7Clearly define the navigation and information hierarchy
8Create wireframes and high-fidelity prototypes
9Test the design to see what’s working (and what’s not)
10Build intuitive, easy, and functional user experiences
11Understand and preempt the user’s requirements for the product and makes changes to the design accordingly
12Ensure that the product is working properly at all times
13Incorporate user feedback as needed

2. UI UX Designer Responsibilities – At a Quick Glance

In this section, we will understand the core day-to-day UI UX designer responsibilities. These include the following (but are not limited to):


UI UX designer responsibilities

1Identifying the various UX design needs for a brand’s digital assets
2Collaborating seamlessly with product managers, engineers, marketing team, other UI UX designers, and so on
3Collecting and analyzing user requirements by way of driving questionnaires, field studies, interviews, etc., and running analytics on the same
4Conducting research on the latest web/mobile usage analytics and designs and keeping tabs on the latest trends
5Conducting observational research by studying how a sample user interacts with the product
6Leveraging the insights gathered for making powerful and ROI-driven design decisions
7Conceptualizing UI/UX design strategies that are better aligned with the user’s needs
8Understanding the brief for new projects effectively
9Illustrating design ideas through the strategic use of storyboards, sitemaps, flow diagrams, process flows, wireframes, prototypes, etc.
10Designing the user interface important elements such as menus, tabs, widgets, and so on is another key part of ui ux designer roles and responsibilities
11Building navigation components such as buttons, search fields, etc.
12Building user interface mockups as well as prototypes that clearly demonstrate how the site will function (and look)
13Driving presentations on working drafts to internal team members and external stakeholders
14A/B testing UX UI elements such as banners, CTAs, images, page flow, links, page design, and more
15Incorporating user feedback on previous design/product changes with agility and accuracy
16Ensuring that the brand’s style standards and guidelines are adhered to across every product and design; maintaining and updating a style guide to ensure consistency
17Constantly learning about new design strategies, tools, and best practices

3. Key UI UX Designer Skills To Screen

skills needed to be a ux ui designer

4. UI UX Designer Job Qualifications 

It’s crucial to understand what UI UX designer job qualifications of a junior and a senior ui/ux designer before hiring.

UI UX Designer Job Qualifications For A Junior Designer 

To start with, the ideal candidate must have a BSc/Bachelor’s in Design or any other relevant field. According to the Nielsen Norman Group report, around 82% of UX designers possess at least a bachelor’s degree. Plus, around 31% have or are pursuing a master’s degree.

One one hand, having a bachelor’s degree is a lucrative plus for hiring managers. However, instead of a university degree, your ideal candidate may have an industry-recognized UI UX certification from a reputed industry leader (such as the  Google UX Design Professional Certificate, for example) which demonstrates that they have the required knowledge and skills to get the job done right.

UI UX Designer Job Qualifications For A Senior Designer 

ui ux designer job qualifications

When it comes to hiring senior designers, a greater emphasis is placed on the experience rather than their degree. Your ideal candidate must have substantial relevant experience in the field and focus on getting hands-on experience on transferable skills such as:

  1. Experience in customer service > helps drive user empathy
  2. Experience in quality assurance (QA) > helps hone your usability testing skills
  3. Experience in copy writing > allows you to engage in UX writing

Key Takeaway: Remember that a UI UX designer’s job is not merely restricted to ‘designing’ but also encompasses maximising customer satisfaction, boosting the ROI, understanding your customer’s psychology, and problem-solving issues in real time.

5. UI/UX Designer Salary 

ux ui designer job description - salary

With the basics of the job description of a ui/ux designer in place, let’s now understand their salary structure across various countries to provide clear understanding to the hiring managers for what to pay. With the skyrocketing rise in the usage of digital platforms, the need for UI UX designs has grown exponentially, thus, they are well paid globally. Here’s how much UI UX designers are being paid across different countries:

IndiaAccording to estimates by Glassdoor, the average UX Designer salary ranges between $11,895 to $17,279 a year. 
United StatesAccording to LinkedIn, the average LinkedIn UI/UX Designer earns $143,000 annually, which includes a base salary of $130,000 with a $13,000 bonus.
Germany As per data, UX UI Designers in Germany earn normally around $56,000 a year, with the salary ranging between $40,740 and $66,260 a year.
CanadaAs per Glassdoor, the national average salary for a UI UX Designer in Canada is $61,455.
London, UKAccording to Glassdoor, the average salary for a UI UX Designer based out of London is $41,308 a year.

Many big brands today are choosing to hire UI UX designers remotely from India owing to the extremely talented professionals and relatively lower recruitment cost. Uplers is helping such hiring managers to recruit top talents remotely without all the hassle of tedious recruitment processes!

At this point, lets discuss how the salary of a UI/UX designer varies between India and USA for different roles: 

  • Their current role: The salary will depend on the current role of the employee (aka whether they are doing UI responsibilities or UX responsibilities or both):
UI RoleAverage Salary in India (Yearly)Average Salary in the US (Yearly)
1. Senior Visual Designer$10,212$66,310
2. Interaction Designer$10,680$103,359
3. UI Artist$4800$83,000
UX RoleAverage Salary in India (Yearly)Average Salary in US (Yearly)
1. UX Strategist$50,000 $85,201
2. UX Architect$21,577$99,495
3. UX Analyst$8400$85,000
  • The level of experience: Here’s the salary breakdown for UI UX designers based on level of experience:
Level of experienceAverage salary in India (Yearly)Average salary in US (Yearly)
1. Junior-level UI UX designer$2532$46,900 
2. Mid-level UI UX designer$10,400$114,329 
3. Senior UI UX designer$22,740$1,19,724 

hire user experience designer

A Ready-to-Use UI UX Designer Job Description Template

A UI UX template allows hiring managers to save valuable time and hire the best candidates. Here’s an easy and ready-to-use UX UI designer job description template you can use and customize based on your specific requirements. Just make sure that the template is precise, clear, and personalized to your specific needs:

Job Description of a UI/UX Designer

We are on the lookout for a passionate, creative, and user-centric UI/UX Designer to join our team. We want to create visually-appealing, functional, easy-to-use, and innovative products in a dynamic and fast-paced environment. This means that your work will have a direct impact on boosting customer success and loyalty! If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, we’d like to meet you.

As a prerequisite, ensure that you have experience in designing software as well as wireframe tools. We would like to see a portfolio of your professional design projects. Please include work related to both web and mobile applications.

Primary Responsibilities of a UI/UX Designer

Your core responsibilities will include:

  • Planning and creating user-centric designs by analyzing business requirements
  • Optimizing existing designs by understanding and implementing user feedback
  • Building user flows, prototypes, wireframes, and mockups
  • Creating requirements-aligned style guides, design patterns, and user interfaces
  • Designing UI elements (think: input controls, informational components, navigational components)
  • Creating authentic conceptual, and original images, designs, sketches, and tables
  • Effectively identifying and troubleshooting UX problems
  • Collaborating with different teams such as product, engineering, and management
  • Integrating customer feedback, KPIs, and usability findings into the design and by extension, the user experience

UI UX Designer Job Requirements and Qualifications

  • Degree/diploma in Design, Fine Arts, or related field
  • Prior experience and a strong portfolio of related projects effectively showcasing the hands-on experience gathered
  • Proficiency in prototyping tools as well as up-to-date knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite, including Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop
  • Attention to detail and design proficiency
  • Excellent communication skills with the ability to clearly articulate ideas and designs
  • Team player with excellent collaboration skills

Added bonus: Basic HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3 skills

Concluding Remarks

An ideal UI UX designer job description template is one that strategically outlines the core requirements and responsibilities related to the role. To attract the best of the best from the extensive community of UI UX designers, you must draft a precise, concise, and easily understood job description. 

In the end, remember that UI/UX designers help create and iterate user experiences for your end-user. If your UI UX design requirements are accurately and comprehensively spelled out, as recruiters, you’ll be able to discover skilled candidates with relative ease.

If you don’t wish to engage in the grunt work and want pre-vetted and high-quality UI UX designers for hire that can perfectly understand (and preempt) your needs, consider Uplers as a great starting point.

With research by  Forrester indicating how a good UI can raise a website’s conversion rate by up to 200% and better UX design can raise the conversion rate by up to 400%, you really can’t put a price on how invaluable a UI UX designer can be for your brand and customers at large. Agree?


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