Python Contractor Rates in 2022 – Trends Every Recruiter Should Know

  • Kevin Oskow
  • May 6, 2022
Python Contractor Rates in 2022 – Trends Every Recruiter Should Know

Ever since its launch, Python has been an in-demand skill for both developers looking to start a career in programming and for businesses looking to build products. As if it were not already popular, Python was ranked the top programming language as per the trends in the TIOBE and PYPL Index, making it the most sought-after skill of the year. This popularity has immensely affected Python contractor rates in 2022. We’ll walk you through the trends with regard to the average salary for python developers in this article.

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Trend in Python Programming Language Popularity


But why are these trends even important, and why should you care? Well, Python is quickly becoming the go-to language for business products, and the demand for Python developers among companies in the US is increasing. The supply, however, is scattered around the world and this introduces an entirely new challenge when it comes to recruiting and compensation.

The trends that we have curated for you are centered around Python developer pay, their demand, their supply, and the best way to recruit them – having the skill gap, market competition, and higher recruitment costs in mind. They will help you create a smarter, more favorable hiring strategy. That coupled with the recruitment tips we have provided will ensure you put together a high-performing engineering team, fast.

The hiring landscape is not as straightforward as it used to be a few years ago. Today you can hire full-time developers or part-time contractors, you can hire remotely and have teams located around the globe, or you can just hire a team and outsource the entire project – there are numerous options.

This article will answer all the questions you might have about hiring a Python developer – about python developer salaries, remote hiring, outsourcing projects, reducing recruitment turnaround, and more. So buckle up, and let’s get started.

What is Python?

Before we get to Python contractor rates, let’s take a step back and understand what makes Python so popular.

Python is a general-purpose programming language, which means it can be used to build a wide range of programs and does not have a single specific domain. Anything from BI platforms, CRMs, and OTTs to games, web scrapers, and social media platforms can be built with Python.

Unlike more conventional languages like C++ or popular languages like Java, Python is easier to learn and simpler to code in. This is because Python’s design philosophy prioritizes code readability. The syntaxes in Python are more readable and very similar to words in the English language (in both spelling and meaning), and this is what makes it easy to learn and use. In fact, in 2017, 4 out of 5 developers said Python is their primary language for programming.

This makes it a popular choice among developers as a career skill, and the speed with which projects can be completed also makes it a popular language for product development among companies. Python is used by some of the largest companies like IBM, Netflix, NASA, Pixar, Intel, Facebook, JP Morgan Chase, and Spotify.

Its popularity among developers and companies is what has made it the number one programming language on the TIOBE and PYPL Index, both of which rank languages based on popularity within the community.

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Top Python Trends That Will Affect Python Contractor Rates in 2022

1. Python is One of the Top 3 Programming Languages of 2022

Python is One of the Top 3 Programming Languages of 2022


Python is the number one language of 2022 when it comes to popularity (based on the TIOBE and PYPL Index), hiring demand (as seen in the image above), and is also one of the top 3 highest paying programming languages.

Average Python Developer Pay 2022


Python has the second-largest programming language community in the world as of 2021, with over 10 million Python developers. The first is JavaScript with 13.8 million developers, and the third is java with 9.4 million developers.

Python Leading With Second Largest Programming Community in the World


There are a couple of reasons that make Python popular:

  • Scalability – Products built on Python are highly scalable because of the nature of the programming language and its internal features like built-in data structures, dynamic binding, and dynamic typing.
  • In-Built Libraries – Python’s ready-to-use libraries like NumPy and SciPy help developers build programs much faster than other languages.
  • A Wide Developer Community – Python has a wide developer community (the second largest among all programming languages) on platforms like Stack Overflow and Github, and this has helped in its growth over the years. The ability to solve problems faced by developers faster through the community is another reason that makes it popular.
  • Simple Syntax – As languages have evolved, more importance has been given to ease of use. Traditional languages like C and C++ used more arbitrary syntaxes that took time to memorize. Python, on the other hand, uses more readable syntaxes, which makes it easy to learn and code.
  • Open-Source – As an open-source programming language, it is free to use and receives continuous updates and improvements from within the community.

Python is also the preferred language for building data science and machine learning programs, and since these subsets of AI are booming, Python will continue to be one of the top 3 most popular languages in the years to come.

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2. Is There a High Demand for Python Developers in 2022?

Because Python is one of the most popular choices for product development among businesses, there has been a steady rise in the demand for python developers. This is also one reason why Python contractor rates have steadily increased over the last few years.

There are over 5K jobs listed on the freelancing platform Upwork as of May 2022. 

Python Developers Jobs Listed On Upwork as of May 2022


Hiring freelancers has been a trend for quite some time now. You might think the 5K job openings prove freelancing is the way to go, right? Wait till you learn about the demand for full-time Python developers.

While there is good demand for freelancers, the demand for full-time Python developers is significantly higher. There are over 82K job listings for Python developers on the hiring portal Indeed as of May 2022.

Python Developers Jobs Listed on Indeed as of May 2022


The case is similar on other job portals like Glassdoor, on which there are close to 25k job openings for Python developers as of May 2022.

Glassdoor Job Openings for Python Developers as of May 2022


The demand for Python developers is increasing at a steady pace, and moving into 2022, it is almost as much as that of Java developers (which is a little over 110K on Indeed).

The key takeaway here is the method of employment that is trending among top companies in 2022. While there still is a demand for freelancers, full-time employment is the clear winner among companies in the US. This is also proving to be a challenge when it comes to hiring Python developers – there is now a high demand that the existing talent pool cannot fulfill, as you will see further in this article.

3. Python Contractor Rates in Comparison to Other Top Programming Languages of 2022

The average salary for Python developers in the US as of May 2022 is $114,578 per year, according to Indeed. The highest paying job listed on Indeed is offering Python developers $245,862 per year!

Comparatively, here are the average developer salaries for other top programming languages as of May 2022, as seen on the job portal Indeed:

  1. Ruby – $138,112 per year
  2. C++ – $115,869 per year
  3. Python – $114,578 per year
  4. JavaScript – $113,430 per year
  5. Java – $111,498 per year
  6. C# – $96,723 per year
  7. PHP – $93,763 per year
  8. C – $93,755 per year
  9. SQL – $87,168 per year
  10. Web (HTML + CSS) – $70,344 per year

It’s evident that companies hiring Python developers are paying competitive and high Python contractor rates in 2022.

The industry that the developer works in also affects the Python coder’s salary. According to Glassdoor, the average salaries given by the top sectors in the U.S in 2021 were as follows:

  1. Banking and financial services: $92,338 per year
  2. Energy: $85,338 per year
  3. Biotech and pharma: $78,503 per year
  4. Insurance, accounting, and legal: $76,973 per year
  5. Travel and tourism: $74,602 per year
  6. Healthcare: $73,513 per year
  7. Marketing and advertising: $72,721 per year
  8. Automotive: $71,322 per year
  9. Government: $70,630 per year
  10. Education: $65,111 per year

Another important factor that affects Python contractor rates is experience and seniority. On average, the salary for a senior Python engineer on Glassdoor is 1.5 times higher than that of a junior Python engineer. As of January 2022, the average Python developer salaries listed on Glassdoor and PayScale by designation were:

Junior Python DeveloperSenior Python Developer
Glassdoor (US data)$72,020$115,944
Payscale (US data)$67,584$101,847

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4. Geographic Distribution of Python Developers – How Talent and Pay are Distributed

The United States offers the highest Python developer salaries as compared to other countries. Here is the result of Stack Overflow’s 2021 Developer Survey:

Glimpse to Global Python Developer Salaries Trends


  • United States – $148K per year
  • Canada – $102.3K per year
  • Japan – $92.8K per year
  • Ireland – $92K per year
  • Ukraine – $87.5K per year
  • Norway – $85.5K per year
  • Finland – $74.6K per year
  • New Zealand – $68.8K per year

It should be noted that the respondents of StackOverflow’s survey largely consisted of senior Python developers who cost 1.5 – 2.7 times more than junior and mid-level developers. This is why the average salary listed in Stack Overflow’s report for 2021 is higher than what the portal Indeed shows for 2022.

The salary for Python developers also differs across different regions in the United States.

Trends of Cities Offering Highest Python Contractor Rates

As of May 2022 (Source)

The pay across the US is also significantly higher than in most European countries.

Average Annual Python Developer Salaries


According to Altigee, Python developers are distributed across the globe as follows:

2022 Geographic Distribution of Python Developers

This indicates a healthy distribution of talent among the US, Europe, Asia, and other continents.

The fact that India has the second-highest population in terms of skilled Python developers is one reason why top companies in the US are turning to remote hiring of talent from India. A concept that we will cover later in this article.

Based on these four trends, we can safely say that Python developer salaries depend on a couple of factors:

  • Country (and region)
  • Experience level
  • Position/designation
  • Employment type (full-time, contractor, freelancer, remote, so on)

With Python contractor rates and the competition to hire talent being the highest in the US, what can you do to acquire skilled developers within a reasonable pay scale? The answer is in the geographic distribution of Python developers.

With the top talent available for lower prices outside the US, why would you look to compete for the same resources within a scarce talent pool and pay unnecessarily higher salaries? There is a smart way to hire talent in 2022, and we’ll get to it in just a bit.

The Competition to Hire the Best Python Developers

Businesses are beginning to witness the advantage of using Python for development, and this has led to an increase in the demand for Python developers.

Here are some of the top companies (with over 1,000 employees) across the top 5 regions of the world recruiting Python developers on LinkedIn and Indeed:

  1. The United States (over 81K job openings on Indeed)
  • Accenture 
  • JPMorgan Chase & Co.
  • Mindtree
  • Deloitte
  • Barclays
  1. The United Kingdom (over 7K job openings on Indeed)
  • Toptal
  • Hays
  • Version 1
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Rockstar Games
  1. Germany (over 5K job openings on Indeed)
  • Bayes Esports
  • Omnicom Media Group
  • T-Systems International
  • PwC Deutschland
  • Acronis
  1. Canada (over 4.5K job openings on Indeed)
  • Vaco
  • Diverse Lynx
  • Dice
  • LanceSoft, Inc
  • TD
  1. Ireland (over 800 job openings on Indeed)
  • Workday
  • HedgeServ
  • Ericsson
  • Comcast
  • SoftwareONE

The US has the highest number of job openings for Python developers by far, and it’s evident that some of the top companies in the world are using Python for their product development needs.

This also solidifies a key point we have been making since the start – there is a massive demand for Python developers in the US among companies of all sizes and industries. The competition to hire skilled resources is evidently going to increase moving into 2022 as the availability of Python developers in the US begins to wane.

This brings us to the final piece of the puzzle – the solution to hiring skilled Python developers in an ever-depleting market.

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With an Imbalance in Demand & Supply, How Do Companies Hire the Best Talent?

Skill Gap Impacting Python Contractor Rates in 2022

There are two key trends that point toward the imbalance in the demand and supply of Python developers.

First is the demand based on the high Python developer pay scale and job openings. The United States has one of the highest number of job listings for Python developers on Indeed – 81K job openings. On the flip side, Upwork has only 5K jobs listed. This helps us make two key deductions – there’s a huge demand for Python developers in the US, and this demand is largely for full-time employees (as opposed to freelancers).

The second is the geographic distribution of Python developers. We saw in Altigee‘s report that the Python developer workforce is evenly divided between continents. 

These two stats give us a key piece of information – while the demand is high in the US, the distribution of developers is almost evenly spread among the US, Europe, and Asia. So recruiters in the US will have to look towards other countries to fulfill their demand for Python developers. The assumption would be that freelancing is the solution, but it’s evident that businesses prefer full-time hires over freelancers.

The solution is bringing the two together – the need for full-time employees and the availability of developers in locations outside the US. For example, India.

India has the highest pool of python developers outside the US, so that solves the challenge of availability. The average salary of a Python developer in India ranges from $6.5K to $13K per annum, which is considerably lower than the asking rate among developers in the US.

So a company in the US can get highly skilled developers for much more reasonable Python contractor rates if they choose to hire from a country outside the US, like India. The ready availability of talent also opens up the opportunity to fill positions faster and to also acquire a wide range of skillsets.

But how do you hire a developer in India while operating in the US? It’s through remote hiring.

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Remote Hiring to Find the Best Python Developers

Remote hiring can do wonders to overcome the challenge of the skill gap, tackle recruitment costs, and stand out from the hiring competition. 

Onboard Best Python Developers With Remote Hiring

With the war of tech talent acquisition intensifying, going for a remote hiring model can only be the ideal savior as it has the potential to bridge the gaps in reaching out to skilled tech professionals and filling open positions. It’s not a compromise you make by choosing remote hiring, it’s a smart approach you take to be ahead. 

Remote hiring works best on a collaborative model where a talent sourcing company first finds you the top candidates for a Python development job opening you have after sorting through all applicants who apply. You then interview these shortlisted candidates and select the right one for the job, and the sourcing company handles onboarding and HR support.

We know what your concern is at this point – the quality of the hire. If you outsource initial rounds of selection, how can you ensure you’re getting the best candidates, right?

Quality is managed by the comprehensive screening process that is followed. All candidates are screened through rigorous assessments specifically created for the required post and vetted by top recruiters within the same field. This ensures you get the best talent while also reducing the load of recruitment. Additionally, the remote Python developer salary will be much reasonable for the skill expertise and experience, reducing recruitment costs.

Remote hiring lets you break free from geographic barriers that currently exist with hiring full-time Python developers. When you look for full-time developers using the traditional hiring model, you are restricted to local hiring. Local hiring poses some serious challenges – it’s difficult to find the best talent, the recruitment process takes longer and costs more, and so on.

These drawbacks are eliminated when you have access to a global talent pool. The supply matches the demand, and you can fulfill the position much faster. You also get the added benefit of remote onboarding and support that takes away all the responsibilities of pre and post-hiring activities.

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