MariaDB or MySQL – Have you chosen the DBMS that you NEED?

  • Kevin Oskow
  • March 14, 2017
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MariaDB or MySQL – Have you chosen the DBMS that you NEED?

MariaDB and MySQL are Relational Database Management Systems that not only manage different kinds of data efficiently, but also allow users to multi-task.

While one half of the world bets their bottom dollar on MariaDB, the other half bets its’ on MySQL and the never ending questions on which one is better than the other and why will simply keep ricocheting off the walls.

But here’s what, you can’t decide what’s better when both are clearly being used by different industries because what’s important for one industry might not be for the other and vice versa.

So here’s what I am doing for you, I am going to break it down to the easiest form and let you decide what will work for you based on what type of industry your website falls into and what are the specifications that you want your Database Management System to have.


MariaDB and MYSQL Client List

The two main differences between MariaDB and MySQL in terms of WordPress are:

  1. MySQL is free and MariaDB will cost installation charges
  2. MariaDB is for websites with huge databases and MySQL is for websites with not-so-huge databases

Why MariaDB?

Today, more than 12 million users in 45 countries are entrusting MariaDB with critical business data. And the reasons why they opted for MariaDB are mentioned below.

Efficiency in Easy Management

  • Efficiency in Easy Management

When it comes to handling a huge database, the main concern will always be authentic management. MariaDB provides easy user interface and thus is a better choice when it comes to managing a huge database. Easy and faster management of a huge database is one of the reasons why GoogleWikipediaMobilcom-DebitelTeleplan and Micro CAD use it.

  • Customer Data Security

The biggest concern of a brand owning a huge database and a brand dealing with huge monetary transactions is always the security of their database. But when it comes to MariaDB, security has never been much of an issue for the users as it provides the utmost security. And that’s exactly why GoogleReuter.deMicro CAD and various eCommerce websites use it.

  • Fewer BUGS to Bug You

Few of the most annoying things on a website are involuntary actions or incorrect results or faults and errors. All those wrong-goings point a finger to software bugs and they simply can’t get exhausted. But, on the bright side, they can be reduced in number and that’s exactly what the latest version of MariaDB promises, “Fewer Bugs.” Apparently, MariaDB having fewer bugs is precisely why Ars Technica uses it.

  • Multi-Source Replication

Multi source replication is a blessing in disguise because even if you accidentally delete some important data, you haven’t lost it totally. And that is because multi-source replication makes sure it is available at various places instead of just one. This is one of the reasons Tumblr chose to switch to MariaDB.

  • Evaluate Virtual Columns

Virtual columns are those columns (let’s say column A) that have temporary requirement i.e. for the completion of another column (let’s say column B). But after column A is used to complete column B, it is no more required and is thus deleted. And in this case, column A is known to be a virtual column. MariaDB supports the evaluation of the virtual column, which is basically one of the main reasons why it was chosen to be switched to by OLX.

  • Group Commit With Sync Binlog = 1

The commit command is used to save the changes or updates made in the database and the above command will automatically sync the updated changes in group, to the server, and this is one of the reasons why it is used by Paybox.

  • Logical Backups

Logical backups are flexible, larger than other backups and they take more time in the back up and restoration process and thus aren’t used for a huge database. However, in the case of MariaDB, it is not that time consuming and it doesn’t delay or stop the start transaction like it usually happens with a huge database. And this is simply yet another reason why Paybox used MariaDB.

  • Multiple Transactional Storage Engines

A transaction is nothing but a set of changes that must occur at once and if done simultaneously may result in negative consequences. A single transaction itself is a big deal.

Let’s say you applied for transfer of money from Bank A to Bank B. And now, the money has been deducted from account in Bank A, but it hasn’t been added to the account in Bank B. That is one unsuccessful transaction. For a transaction to be successful, the update needs to be made from both places at the same time. Now, imagine many of such updates happening at once.

Almost made your stomach churn, didn’t it? MariaDB supports multiple transactional storage engines and that is again the reason why Paybox opted for MariaDB since it clearly deals with a whole lot of transactions.

  • Cluster Management

Clusters are a group of repetitive tasks that are not only advantageous when it comes to dealing with huge database management systems, but are also cheaper than many other techniques. Trans Ticket found it easy to build and maintain clusters in MariaDB.

Why MySQL?

WordPress Development Services covers 27% of the web and most of these use the default MySQL database management system offered by WordPress.

  • Inbuilt By Default

MySQL is the default Database Management System for WordPress and it clearly saves you from the trouble of downloading and installing it.

  • Free

Yes, you heard that right! If you fall into the 27% of the world whose websites are built on WordPress, then MySQL is definitely free for you. Budget is definitely a big deal when it comes to building a website and handling a business. Having MySQL as the Database Management System will help you eradicate the cost issue.

  • Not a Google Sized Database?

If you have a huge database but that isn’t as tremendous as Google or Wikipedia but is as huge as LinkedIn or is smaller than that, MySQL is the best fit for you. It is not only free but will also save you from the hassle of downloading and installing some other Database Management System in exchange of a couple hundred bills flying out of your pocket.

  • Efficiency in Data Warehouse Testing

The reason WordPress uses MySQL is because WordPress uses the PHP language to store and retrieve data from the MySQL database. To retrieve data from the MySQL database, WordPress runs SQL queries to dynamically generate content. SQL is Structured Query Language and is the programming language typically used to query database.

  • Efficiency in Complex Projects

MySQL is being used by one of the largest software systems, Adobe Systems, and it is being embedded on various Adobe components for efficiency in complex projects.

  • Reliability in Data Accuracy

MySQL is a reliable and robust database management system, as Query Surge quotes, and it works both effectively and efficiently even while tackling large queries.

  • MySQL Cluster

MySQL cluster lets Telenor do all the upgrades online and thus Telenor ends up saving downtime while launching new services. MySQL is used to store IP leases, subscriber service configurations, entitlements, and provisioning.

  • No Database Administrator?

According to ScienceLogic, MySQL is easily installed and administered totally by the embedded application. The website has claimed to have provided zero administration via tuning and coding instead of using a Database Administrator.

To sum it up, MariaDB and MySQL both have their own positive aspects and in the end, it all depends on what kind of industry your business falls in and the kind of database you own

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