Why Choose HubSpot COS over Traditional CMS?

  • Bhuvan Desai
  • October 21, 2019
  • 2 Minute Read
Why Choose HubSpot COS over Traditional CMS?

Let’s keep it simple – Why Choose HubSpot COS over CMS?

It is the first question that triggers in the mind of every marketer before he considers HubSpot as an option for his clients or his own business.

Over the years, popular CMS (Content Management Systems) like WordPress and Drupal have been helping marketers manage their website and content seamlessly without any coding assistance. But, what is the option when marketers need to optimize content for their smartphone and social media marketing goals? Here is where HubSpot COS design and development come into the picture. So, COS stands for Content Optimization System that can be considered as a major upgraded version of traditional CMS.

Here are the reasons to choose HubSpot COS over traditional CMS:

1. Optimizing for Mobile Platforms

A Content Management System (CMS) allows you to optimise your website content, social media content and email templates for a smartphone platform, but you need to find the right tools for it.

On the other end, HubSpot COS has an in-built responsive design to craft HubSpot COS templates, websites, or social media posts compatible with mobile as well as smartphones.

2. Ease of Integration

A CMS can be used to manage content on your website. But if you wish to manage content for your social media accounts and blogs, you need to take the help of certain tools to integrate them with the CMS.

While HubSpot COS being an inbound marketing platform, allows you to optimize content over social media, blog, and email marketing platforms. With this, it allows easy integration with other marketing channels.

3. Performance Factor

HubSpot COS templates or websites deliver far better performance and speed than any CMS platform. Every second delay in your website loading time costs you an increased bounce rate and loss in business.

4. Delivering Personalized Experience

Unlike the traditional Content Management System (CMS), HubSpot COS design and development allows marketers to make smart content, which offers every individual visitor a personalized experience. You can design smart CTAs and smart forms to increase engagement and create productive user journeys that could be converted into better sales and revenue for your clients.

5. HubSpot COS Community

HubSpot has an active community and support team that helps you stay updated with the new features and version updates. With this, you can always switch to the HubSpot marketplace to buy new HubSpot COS templates according to your clients’ custom requirements.

HubSpot COS outperforms any other Content Management Systems in many perspectives like ease of integration, marketing support and speed. With the rising focus towards inbound marketing, businesses prefer HubSpot COS design and development over other CMS websites. So, it is time to switch to smart marketing and smart content with HubSpot COS.

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