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Established in 2015
Established in 2013
Headquarter in the United States
Headquarter in the United States
Advertising Industry
Advertising Industry
Financial Times' list of Americas’ Fastest Growing Companies
Financial Times' list of Americas’ Fastest Growing Companies
Brill Media is one of United States’ most distinguished white-label media-buying companies. They offer a variety of programmatic, social, and search-enabled services to elevate the marketing strategy of ad agencies and advertisers. These services expand over a comprehensive suite of digital audio ads, native ad content, digital out-of-home spaces, creative testing frameworks, and data-driven creatives customized for each user.
The Financial Times’ featured Brill Media in their list of The Americas’ Fastest Growing Companies for three consecutive years - 2021, 2022, and 2023. This list includes only the top 500 independent businesses in North, Central, and South America. This is a testament to their expertise, consistency, and pragmatism.
With its diverse solutions, unparalleled efficiency, and cross-platform expertise, Brill Media aims to superpower its clients’ e-commerce sales, B2B lead generation, B2C email acquisition, in-store sales, and video views. Their fast-paced environment demands talent that can quickly adapt to their excellent operational standards and aligns with their inclusive culture. They value ambitious and inquisitive talent, and offer upskilling opportunities to fuel career growth. Their fully-remote setup fosters trust and productivity within a dynamic workforce.


Brill Media needs to upscale their workforce to meet the growing demands of their clientele. Their diverse range of services means they must look for talent with varied skills and experience in cross-platform advertising. They were looking for talent with strong analytical skills, deep understanding of digital platforms, and a healthy experience in enhancing brand exposure.
However, limiting their scouting efforts only to local geographies found them talent that was either skilled, or cost-effective. On top of that, their internal assessment process was not comprehensive enough to spot the right talent. Hence, they were apprehensive about hiring global remote talent.


Uplers has exceeded our expectations and delivered a seamless hiring experience with the most incredible talent. Thanks to their hard work and investment, we will continue to grow bigger as an agency. Kudos to the entire team of Uplers!
- Mansour, COO
Uplers empowered Brill Media to expand its hiring perspective by considering Indian remote talent for the vacant positions. Brill Media found Indian remote talent to be more agile, experienced, and cost-effective. Uplers found the perfect profiles for the role from its 1M+ pre–vetted talent. The profiles met all the technical and cultural standards of Brill Media, thanks to Uplers’ vetting process and matchmaking capabilities.
Post-induction, Uplers provided a 30-day replacement policy to ensure complete trust between Brill Media and the talent. This standard company policy helps Uplers achieve full customer satisfaction with zero obligations.


9 talents were hired for
  • Datorama Manager
  • Datorama Expert
  • Social Media Manager
  • Facebook ad Buyer
  • Paid Search Analyst
  • Programmatic Account Manager
  • Google/Bing Ads Buyer
  • Deep understanding of Facebook advertising platform, Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, and Datorama
  • Expertise in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Target audience research
  • Project management
  • Marketing strategy
  • Strong interpersonal skills
The talents were hired within 20 days, reducing the hiring cycle by 44%
Brill Media saved $13,160 by choosing to hire from Uplers
Uplers’ talent have a strong communication with the internal team and have seamlessly fit into the organization
The hired talents have added value to the organization by consistently delivering ROIs, with a few of them already earning promotions within 5 months
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