How Did Dedicated Teams Get 500+ Websites Developed for JXT Within Just 5 Years

JXT is a leading digital marketing service provider for recruiters in Australia. The company leads the market with its custom CMS (Content Management System) for developing websites for their clients. JXT has been making digital marketing simple for more than 800 recruitment organizations and giving them the tools, training and services they need to realize a real ROI.

What Was the Need?

As project requirements increased rapidly for them, JXT felt an urgent need to expand their team of developers who could help them with the website development and CMS (Content Management System) integration tasks. They needed a dedicated team of professionals with the right skill set and the right experience, immediately.

What Were the Challenges they Faced?

As JXT moved ahead with its expansion plans, its first approach was to expand its in-house team of developers. However, there were a series of challenges the company encountered along the way.

  • Shortage of right talent

    Shortage of right talent

    One of the first challenges was finding the right expertise or the right talent in Australia, as the options were very limited, most of which were already employed.

  • right talent

    The right talent came with a heavy investment

    It wasn’t just hard to find the right talent, but the cost of hiring in-house resources in Australia added to the stress and far exceeded the company’s recruitment budget.

  • Increased overhead cost

    Increased overhead cost with in-house hiring

    When calculated further, in-house hiring actually increased overhead costs for the company. Costs like expanded infrastructure and new hardware resources for the extended workplace came into the picture.

  • Freelancing lacked reliability

    Freelancing lacked reliability

    One option was to hire freelancers, but no matter how promising the idea seemed, the company couldn’t rely on a team of individual freelancers.

  • Retention, the big challenge

    Retention, the big challenge

    A major challenge for JXT was to retain its valuable and talented employees. The management was able to control only a part of the employee attrition problem but was unable to completely resolve it.

How the Dedicated Team Model Benefitted JXT?

With our dedicated team model, JXT was able to build a team of experts from our pool of vetted professionals and it worked as an extension to JXT’s in-house team.

  • A team following JXT's time zone, culture & work priorities
  • Resources were trained by JXT to work according to their processes
  • Complete accountability and data safety
  • Skilled resource backup
  • Fulfilling urgent scalability requirements
  • Cost-Effective team with same expertise
dedicated resource

Under the dedicated resource model, JXT had the freedom and control to manage the dedicated team through a project manager, who acted as a single point of contact according to their time zone, culture, processes and work priorities.


To deliver the best expertise, we encouraged JXT to come onboard and train the dedicated team face-to-face, if needed. This yielded exceptional results in the long run.


Unlike individual freelancers, we took complete accountability for our teams and followed strict NDA norms, this took care of JXT’s reliability and security concerns.


With our dedicated teams, we ensured JXT an ongoing backup of 2-3 resources, which became active in case a dedicated resource was on leave.


We were able to support JXT with urgent scalability requirements by expanding our dedicated team for them on an urgent basis, just at a 15-days prior notice.


With our dedicated team model JXT formed a team of 10-12 expert web developers at almost 60% lower cost than its in-house team.




What We Achieved?

With a diligent and dedicated team, we were able to help JXT deliver more than 500 websites in just 5 years. JXT is now the #1 digital marketing solutions provider for recruiters across Australia. The dedicated model has helped JXT scale its business and they are currently expanding their business in the USA, UK, and Canada.


Rick Mare

CEO and Founder, JXT

Why Go for a Dedicated Team?

A dedicated team is driven by a project manager who will be your single point of contact. This gives you the opportunity to look after the bigger aspects of your business and allows us to take care of the nitty gritty of your operations.

Dedicated Team

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