Founded in 2011
Founded in 2011
Location: San Francisco, USA
Location: Sydney, Australia
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Sydney Digital Marketing is a major digital marketing agency brand that offers a range of marketing services in the digital space. Their team of strategic thinkers, super-clever-techies, data fanatics, and go-getters help businesses of all shapes and sizes, this is a team that uses results-based marketing tactics to deliver high-performing outcomes. Sydney Digital Marketing Agency is known to invest in the digital marketing strategy of their own business before recommending it to their elite clientele.
“We first test, refine, then test and refine each new product some more – until we know each methodology, technique, and platform – inside and out. This means you can trust that we’ll only deliver marketing strategies that have proven success.” - Simon Gould, CEO, Sydney Digital Marketing Agency
Sydney Digital Marketing (SDM) is a results-driven agency, that treats clients' businesses as their own. Their streamlined, solution-centric approach, customer-focused journey obsession, open communication, tech innovation, and personalized attention ensure unparalleled digital campaign success.
SDM faced a critical need for a skilled SEO professional to enhance their digital marketing department and meet increasing client demands. Initially hiring one SEO talent, the urgency persisted, leading them to recruit an Ads Specialist three months later to address the escalating workload.
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Services: Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Search Engine Optimization, Website Design and Development, Logo and Brand Design.

Problem Statement

Securing a Top talent who is remote-ready
SDM encountered difficulties in finding the perfect SEO professional who aligned with their expectations. Seeking a seasoned expert with a balance of technical competence and soft skills, fitting within budget constraints, became a challenging task. The ideal candidate needs to excel in analytical thinking, possess proficiency in keyword research, and demonstrate familiarity with SEO tools. Furthermore, the importance of the right attitude to be an organizational fit was crucial for the close-knit team of SDM. Faced with these challenges, the agency recognized the need for a talent matchmaker and turned to Uplers to swiftly fill the vacancy with the right professional

“Uplers was very helpful in accurately identifying the talent we were expecting and facilitating a quick hiring process. The response time on our request is unbelievable. The detailed process for vetting your talent is incredible, the Account Manager has been an amazing support. We are very happy with our choice to partner with Uplers and when thinking of hiring new members of our team from India, Uplers is our first choice!”

Simon Gould

CEO, Sydney Digital


Sydney Digital Marketing's Pursuit of Top Talent Streamlined by Uplers
Faced with the need for technically and culturally adept professionals, Sydney Digital Marketing Agency leveraged Uplers' deep vetting and extensive talent pool. Uplers' experts efficiently sifted through profiles, presenting Sydney Digital Marketing with the most fitting candidates. In the end, the agency selected an ideal match, Oliver Joshua Jacob, who not only met their expectations but also aligned with the budgetary considerations
The entire process, from hiring to deployment, was characterized by simplicity and speed, leaving a lasting impression on Sydney Digital Marketing. Uplers' commitment to customer satisfaction was further demonstrated by the appointment of a dedicated Account Manager for continuous feedback and support. Sydney Digital Marketing expressed their contentment with the decision to choose Uplers for their remote talent needs, celebrating the seamless integration of their new team member.

Deeply Vetted Profile Shared With SDM



Uplers’ quick hiring process helped in closing the vacancy in 7-10 days, which is 67% faster than the average time to hire in Australia.
2 skilled professional was hired for the following role:
  • Paid Search analyst
  • SEO professional
The entire hiring experience was very friendly and simple, exceeding SDM’s expectations
The hired talent has become a core part of the team. The communication with the talent is very smooth, friendly, and transparent.
“Uplers was very helpful in accurately identifying the talent we were expecting and facilitating a quick hiring process. The talent deployment policies are very friendly, and the Account Manager has been an amazing support. We are very happy with our choice to partner with Uplers and more importantly, the new members of our team!” - Simon Gould, CEO, Sydney Digital Marketing
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