Insights on Indian Talent Pool

94% 94.8%

of talents choose remote jobs at a higher salary, compared to in-office work at a standard salary.

59% 59%

of talents prefer working in a global start-up with the opportunity to interact directly with clients, instead of working in global MNCs with no client interaction.

62% 62%

of talents prefer to work in global start-ups which utilize their niche skills, versus large MNCs offering a role in less preferred tech skill.

Experts have found that 15% of Indian professionals are currently working in the digital sector in the US and by 2025, with the growing trend of remote work, this figure is expected to grow to 20%.

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The demand for Indian talent has been increasing every year. The tech talent shortage and the economic slowdown have made a better case for Indian talents’, as tech and digital companies are prioritizing skills, global readiness and cost-effectiveness in talent acquisition.

However, the hiring space in India is extremely competitive and requires significant preparation to land the top talents. And a crucial part of this preparation is to know what the talent wants.

For the survey, hundreds of tech and digital talents were interviewed, based on a statistically relevant sample size, with both qualitative and quantitative findings in mind.

Demographics of the report

54% are BE/BTech graduates
54% have 7 to 12 years of experience
Job role
Job role
73% are working in technology-related roless
47% are working for large-sized Indian or global companies

About Uplers

Uplers is a global hiring platform that connects companies across the world with India's exceptional pool of tech and digital professionals. We source talents from our massive network of 500,000+ prevetted profiles across 100+ skill sets. Our vetting process comprehensively evaluates the talent on the basis of their technical skills, communication abilities, cultural adaptability, and remote readiness.
With the convenience of remote work or the option to relocate, Uplers simplifies the process of hiring full-time professionals. Uplers’ deep vetting parameters include technical, English language assessment, behavioral, cross-cultural effectiveness, and global readiness.
Uplers commissioned Kaizen Market Research to independently conduct this study.