How to Hire A WordPress Developer From India : Guide For Hiring Managers [+ Salary Analysis ]

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  • June 13, 2024
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How to Hire A WordPress Developer From India : Guide For Hiring Managers [+ Salary Analysis ]

Among the current trends in web development, WordPress has gained significant popularity and is now the choice of over 40% of websites around the globe.

This has revealed that in the following years up to 2024, the need for professional WordPress developers will still be on the rise. As businesses of all industries are realising the need to have a strong online presence, they are increasingly focusing on how to hire a WordPress developer. 

However, the growing demand for WordPress developers also comes with a challenge for global companies as they are unable to find the right fit at fair pay. If you’re offshoring WordPress developers from India,  this blog will address the increasing salary demands and suggest alternative solutions to overcome the demand-supply gap.

Current Hiring Status of WordPress Developers in 2024: Salary Increase Projection – Demand and Supply Gap Analysis

Research expects rising demand for web developers, especially WordPress developers, ultimately increasing prices to attract talent. The average salary increased from $71,129 in 2022-2023 to $96,000 in 2024, creating urgency among hiring managers to address the demand-supply gap.

The current market is very competitive, with more demand than available talent because of the rapid evolution of digital technologies. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 16% increase in employment opportunities for WordPress developers from 2022-2032, aggravating the skill gap and encouraging companies to offer competitive salaries to attract and retain top talent.

A similar trend has been observed in the following countries:

United Kingdom

The average salary of a WordPress developer is £56,000 per year in 2024 and is subject to increase as the demand increases. However, the salary may vary depending on the location, experience, and company size. 


Similar to the increasing demand in the USA, Australia has also shown a rapid increase in the need for WordPress developers. The salary of an average WordPress developer in 2024 is $65,065 per year as per the data given by Glassdoor.


With an intense labor shortage in Canada, WordPress developer salaries are rising sharply. Companies, both large and small, are increasing salaries to stay competitive and attract top talent. Currently, Canadian companies are paying an average of as high as $60,000 per year!


According to the Economic Research Institute, the average salary of a WordPress developer starts from $58,000 per year. This salary is projected to increase by 16% in the next 5 years due to the high competition and demand.


average salary of a wordpress developer


With more attractive salaries being offered elsewhere, attracting and retaining qualified developers locally could become more difficult. This could lead to talent shortages and hinder the company’s ability to grow and innovate.

What are employers doing to address the salary increase and overcome the talent shortage?

Anticipating a talent crunch of 85 million professionals by 2030, Korn Ferry underscores the growing disparity between talent demand and supply. In response to escalating salary demands and talent shortages, employers are proactively deploying a range of strategies and exploring alternative solutions.

Offering Competitive Salaries and Benefits

The surge in demand for WordPress developers has prompted enterprises to offer competitive compensation packages, including attractive salaries, bonuses, and benefits. However, for over 61.2% of early-stage tech and digital companies, hiring talent remains a challenge due to margin pressures and the need to balance these with competitive salary expectations.

Hiring Remote Talent

Employers are now seeking to hire remote developers from countries with vast talent networks, including India, to join their workforce. This approach thus enables companies to gain access to a wider network of developers based on their skills rather than their geographical location, thus minimizing the effects of talent scarcity and at the same time taking advantage of the affordable hiring options.

Upskilling Employees

To meet the skill gap from within organizations, various companies are enhancing the learning and development of employees by offering upskilling and reskilling training. Companies are trying to offer multiple online courses while also offering offline training sessions to fill the gap. 


Empower Your Hiring Decisions With Data-Driven Salary Analysis

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How To Hire A WordPress Developer?

Here are some tips for hiring offshore WordPress developers that are suitable for your business:

1. Understand Your Project Needs

Understanding your project needs is crucial before hiring a WordPress developer. Define what you want to build, its complexity, budget, and timeline. This clarity helps in understanding how to hire a WordPress developer. For complex projects requiring speed, prioritize highly experienced programmers. Ensure the hired WordPress developer is willing to commit long-term to website maintenance and fixes.

2. Define Job Role

Once you have a clear idea of what you need, it’s equally important to give complete clarity to the applicants. Create a precise and accurate job description that easily explains your requirements. This eliminates the confusion about the roles and responsibilities and helps attract the right talent. 

3. Stay Updated with the Current Job Market

You must know the current hiring situation in the market before hiring. Stay updated with the salaries, demand and supply gap, and the expected time to hire WordPress developers. Conduct thorough research to know about the availability of the talent and realize how to boat your hiring efforts.

4. Leverage AI Screening Tools

Simply shortlisting of talent with AI screening tools. These AI screening tools assess candidates based on various criteria like technical proficiency, cultural fit, soft skill assessment, and more.

5. Create a Hiring Strategy

Develop a hiring strategy to attract and retain top talent. Define clear job roles, utilize diverse recruitment platforms, offer competitive salaries, and create a positive company culture to ensure you attract the best candidates for your business needs.

6. Understand the Challenges of Offshore Hiring

Offshore hiring can provide cost benefits but comes with challenges like communication issues, time zone differences, and cultural differences. Understanding these challenges helps in creating effective recruitment strategies, ensuring smooth collaboration, and maintaining productivity with offshore teams.

Factors to Consider When Hiring Offshore WordPress Developers

You must consider at least these  factors before hiring offshore WordPress developers:


factors to consider when hiring offshore wordpress developers

Technical Expertise

Assess how well-versed the developer is with WordPress development. Determine if the developer has the relevant development knowledge for building WordPress themes and plugins along with website development and customizations. You can also look for skills like:

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Bootstrap
  • MySQL
  • GitHub and BitBucket
  • A bit of Photoshop

Communication Skills

 It is crucial to create necessary communication channels to minimize the possible language and cultural differences. Project success requires clear communication that will ensure that all the stakeholders are on the same page.

Culture Fit 

Check if the developer shares similar values with your company to build a good working relationship, especially in collaboration and teamwork. Look for things like:

  • Dedication towards work
  • Growth-driven mindset
  • Willingness to learn and adapt
  • Positive attitude toward feedback

Choose the Right Staffing and Recruiting Agency 

Finding the ideal offshore talent for your project requires matching your needs with the available hiring methods. Here’s a breakdown of popular options:

  • Freelance Platforms: Ideal for short-term projects where flexibility is key. Advantages include rapid access to individual talent and cost-effectiveness for specific tasks.
  • Dedicated Development Teams: Best suited for long-term projects. This method ensures continuity, dedicated support, and a team that builds a deep understanding of your project’s goals.
  • Outsourcing Companies: Perfect for complete project outsourcing. Outsourcing companies offer a comprehensive solution, with experts handling the entire recruitment and project management process.

Transparent Pay

Understanding average salary expectations in your target region is crucial to ensure fair compensation and promote retention. Researching regional salary trends is essential before finalizing an offer for an offshore WordPress developer.


The global talent shortage for WordPress developers is a challenge, but the only solution is to hire remotely. Reliable IT recruitment agencies offer access to a wider network of qualified developers, including a vast talent network in India. By prioritizing technical skills, cultural fit, and cost-effectiveness during your search, you can leverage the global market and know how to hire a WordPress developer to achieve your project goals.


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