Recruiting Talent Remotely: Global Tech And Digital Companies Are Profiting by 40% Through Remote Hiring

  • Nayantika Srivastava
  • May 27, 2024
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Recruiting Talent Remotely: Global Tech And Digital Companies Are Profiting by 40% Through Remote Hiring

A hiring manager toiling to fill a vacancy is similar to completing the Labours of Hercules. Drawing up a job description, listing the vacancy on various platforms, waiting for applications, and finding top talent, the tasks don’t stop when recruiting talent from India. However, the biggest challenge lies in identifying the right candidate with the qualifications, experience, and cultural adaptability.

In search of recruiting top talent, broadening your reach and looking globally is important. Local talent usually lacks the skill and communication to deal with a larger demographic. On the other hand, remote talent is adaptable, requires little training, and is more cost-effective. As a result, 16% of global companies have shifted to a fully remote setup, while 63% offer a hybrid or remote-first option.

Let’s dive deep into the value proposition of hiring remote talent and how you can save up to 40% by choosing remote talent from India.

Why Recruit Talent Remotely?

Hiring talent locally creates a tunnel vision that impairs your scouting potential. Even with the most optimized hiring process, you will have a saturated talent pool if you have a local-first stance. More than 69% of companies face hiring issues due to a talent shortage and limited access to wider geographies.

There are a few more challenges employers deal with while hiring locally: 

Key challenges of recruiting top talent locally

Limited Talent Pool

Hiring talent from a particular region will only give you a small sample size of talent. Furthermore, the talent may not even meet your requirements, so you must invest in their upskilling.

The Gap Between Demand And Supply

The demand for high-skilled talent is growing by each day. Korn Ferry anticipates a talent crunch of 85 million professionals by 2030, highlighting the widening gap between the demand and supply of talent.

Geographical Barriers

Restricting talent recruitment by location limits your choice to a particular area. This can result in increased competition as you have to compete with your rivals for the same pool of talent.

Expense and Time Constraints 

The hiring cycle is prolonged when you don’t find the right talent, leading to more loss of time and money. Moreover, a position left vacant for too long impacts the operations of the business.

So how to recruit top talent and overcome these obstacles? There is only one solution – Remote hiring.

Recruiting Top Talent: Why Is Remote Hiring From India The Best Solution

India should be your preferred destination when recruiting tech and digital talents. With an extensive network of highly qualified and competent professionals, India offers a surplus of talent with diverse skills. Thanks to its low cost of living and abundant supply of skilled experts, development costs remain budget-friendly.

Besides these upsides, you can also solve the above challenges without breaking a sweat by revamping your talent acquisition and recruitment strategies.

Key Practices For Best Talent Recruitment


Access To A Wider Talent Network 

Remote hiring allows you to overlook borders and recruit talent worldwide. You can tap into the talent pool of foreign countries and hire quickly with zero compliance risks.


Tapping into talent-rich regions allows you to recruit talent with the right qualifications and experience. Furthermore, remote talent does not require office space, transit expenses, and other overhead costs, leading to significant cost savings.

Better Productivity

A Time Doctor survey reveals that remote talent works 1.4 more days per month. Another study reveals that 77% of remote talent showed increased productivity versus on-site professionals. This is possible thanks to better work-life balance and reduced stress in a remote setup.

A Diverse and Inclusive Workforce

Recruiting top talent remotely allows you to create a team of diverse cultures and skillset. Such a team initiates a free flow of unique ideas and helps develop a productive workplace.

Round-the-Clock Service

You can improve the value added to your customers by recruiting top talent remotely and setting up distributed teams across different time zones. Consequently, you can reach a wider audience and provide service across different business hours.

Why Are Global Companies Recruiting Talent From India?

Why India? India is a powerhouse of skilled tech talents. 

Hiring guide for managers

  • Major countries are facing a shortage of skilled talent with the rapid increase in demand. 
  • Companies now prefer to hire outside their locations to find the better fit for the job. 
  • Whereas India has surplus talent, its friendly relations with other countries make it the safest and most obvious choice to recruit remote talents. 
  • Indian talents are resourceful, adaptive, smart, and hardworking- making them thrive at work. 6 out of 10 companies prefer hiring Indian talents over other nationalities. 
  • Biggest tech giants like Google, IBM, Microsoft, Hubspot, and FedEx have Indian talents up the hierarchy, making them the top preference for top talent recruitment in the marketplace. 
  • Due to an enormous supply of skilled talent, both small and large-scale companies are now recruiting top professionals from India in bulk.  As a developing country, you can hire Indian talent at an affordable offering; due to conversion rate and compensation. 


How Does Salary Benchmarking Help Global Companies in Hiring the Right Remote Talent?

Salary benchmarking is a process that helps establish fair compensation by comparing your compensation package with those offered by other companies in the industry. This helps global companies determine the market rates for various job roles and attract top remote employees. Salary benchmarking can be invaluable in the following ways:

Benefits of Salary Benchmarking

  1. Monitor Employee Salary And Benefits

Salary benchmarking assists global companies in determining what is a competitive salary to offer for remote roles. Several factors come into play in arriving at a salary decision such as location, skills needed, level of experience, industry standards, economic conditions, etc. 

If you as a global company looking to hire Indian remote talent need to know the salary for a particular tech or digital role, our Salary guide is all you need. The cost-effective rates of hiring Indian talent for different roles will give you the confidence to make a well-informed hiring choice. 

2. Pay Equity

You must ensure fair pay for remote employees to stand out as an employer of choice in attracting and retaining top talent. Conduct thorough market research on the prevailing market rates and ensure that your compensation packages are equitable and competitive. 

To foster trust and confidence among the remote workforce, communicate transparently about the pay structure, benefits, and growth opportunities. You can strengthen your employer brand when you offer an unbiased compensation package. 

3. Optimize Hiring Budget

Salary benchmarking assists you in judiciously allocating your hiring budget by having an understanding of the appropriate compensation range for remote positions. By staying updated on these compensation trends you can ensure to make an informed decision about salary budgets and optimize your financial resources accordingly. 

4. Improve Employee Retention

Salary benchmarking helps ensure that compensation packages are competitive and aligned with the market standards. When employees are fairly compensated without any bias it fosters their job satisfaction reducing the likelihood of job hopping. 

Competitive salaries and benefits also help demonstrate the organization’s values boosting employee morale, loyalty, and security. Constant salary benchmarking can help proactively address any disparities in the market changes ensuring you remain competitive in the job market.

5. Make Informed Decisions

Salary benchmarking helps in well-informed salary decisions. As a hiring manager, you gain valuable insights into the industry trends and standards by analyzing and comparing the salary data. This approach helps to formulate realistic and competitive salary structures, helping in efficient resource allocation and financial planning. 

You also get to analyze the roles that need salary adjustments so that you can avoid overpaying and maintain internal equity to attract top talent. Informed salary decisions support sustainable growth and enhance the overall organizational effectiveness. 

How Uplers Is Making A Difference In The Remote Hiring Space

The world of remote hiring is filled with daunting hiring challenges, and employers typically require multiple experts to get through the hiring process. However, Uplers subverts these challenges and assists employers in faster, more reliable, cost-effective remote hiring.

In better words, Uplers is a matchmaker of remote talent with global opportunities. Our remote hiring platform enables employers to find their next hire from a pool of 50,000+ pre-vetted talent across 100+ skill sets. Many institutions have acknowledged our efforts in making remote hiring a breeze, including Indian Achievers’ Awards, Great Place to Work, and #1 Best IT/ITES Companies to Work.

We tap into the talent powerhouse of India to counter the global talent crunch and assist businesses in scaling up their distributed teams. An important objective

A major part of our success is due to our trademark vetting process, which ensures that we scout only the best talent available for any role. We receive 10,000 applications per month and run the profiles through stringent benchmarks to perceive their suitability to global companies.

The vetting process helps us in:

Online assessment platform for hiring

  • Eliminating 96.5% of unfit candidates
  • Relying on HR and other teams to conduct cultural, technical, and background checks
  • Finding talent without the help of technical recruiters
  • Reducing guesswork for hiring managers by 75%
  • Enhancing the chances of the right hires by 5x

A Uplers-certified talent is refined as per the following parameters:

Strong Communication

The talent goes through a comprehensive test of their reading, writing, pronunciation, clarity, fluency, and speech. This test is essential to determine if the talent can communicate completely with global companies and clients.

Technical Proficiency

These are role-based tests that rigorously check the expertise of the talent’s area of specialization. This level filters the top 10% of talents.

Culturally Fit

Remote talent must be able to adapt to different company cultures. We ensure our talent aligns with the employer’s core values, principles, vision, and identity.

Available Across Different Time Zones

We help you hire top talent active across various time zones, so you can run your business beyond your local working hours.

 Why is Uplers the Most Sought-After Choice to Hire?

Uplers has helped 7000+ clients, including many Fortune 500 companies, hire the best remote talent in a faster cycle. We are the preferred brand for identifying, hiring, and managing remote talent without any heavy lifting. Our reliable and fast hiring process consists of the following steps:

Remote hiring platform

Share The Job Description

You share a detailed description of the role, responsibilities, must-have skills, relevant experience, and the hiring budget. We also ask behavioral questions to help us find the right cultural fit for your company. The more we learn about your ideal candidate, the easier to find them.

Review And Shortlist Profiles

We share a list of profiles per your requirements within 48 hours of receiving the job description from your end. You can review and shortlist the profiles that interest you, and then we schedule interviews for the candidates as per your convenient time slots. These in-person interviews will allow you to judge the talent’s suitability and our precision matchmaking.

Interview and Hire

Assess the talent in the interviews and share your feedback. Since the talent is pre-vetted by Uplers’ standards, you can focus more on the vibe check and rest easy regarding their technical proficiency. Our vetting process leaves no space for guesswork and drastically reduces the chances of a wrong hire.

Onboard And Manage

After you confirm the talent, we take care of all the formalities and compliance measures to ensure smooth and hassle-free onboarding. We also assign a talent success coach to initiate smooth communication between you and the talent.

Our reliable and fast hiring process empowers companies to hire remote talent 10x faster and 40% cheaper. With Uplers by your side, you can hire remote talent in less than five days and manage them seamlessly from our platform.

Top Skills You Can Hire From India:

hiring top talent

Start Recruiting Remotely With Uplers 

Numerous big companies, like GitLab, Shopify, SAP, and Dell, hire remote talent to build teams of varied skill sets while saving significant costs. If you also want to upscale your workforce and hire top talent, choose to hire remotely.

Partner with Uplers to fully leverage the potential of remote Indian talent and expand your workforce in record time. In addition to scouting and onboarding, we assist in overseeing payroll, IT, logistical, and administrative support to ensure the best talent management experience. You have no obligation or compulsion to hire our suggested talent, as we have a deep pool of talent where we can find multiple talent choices.

Contact us now to fulfill your hiring requirements quickly and cost-effectively.

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