Why You Should Opt for Animated HTML5 Banners over Animated HTML Gifs

  • Mukesh Jadav
  • October 10, 2018
  • 4 Minute Read
Why You Should Opt for Animated HTML5 Banners over Animated HTML Gifs

A common point of conjecture amongst Australian digital advertisers is whether to choose animated HTML5 banners or animated GIFs as their choice of ad. Both of these methods have their benefits, however, animated HTML5 ads are definitely the better choice. Recent statistics suggest that most digital advertisers agree, with 65% of them opting for HTML5. This detailed article will outline the top 6 reasons why you should opt for animated HTML5 banners over animated GIFs. Essentially, you’ll be able to noticeably increase your conversion rate at a much lower cost.

1. Higher Quality

GIF files are limited to a color palette of only 256 colors, whereas HTML 5 banners have none of these restrictions. This allows for more creative and stylish designs that savvy digital marketers can use to great effect. In an increasingly competitive online advertising environment, creating colorful banners that stand out is a great way to engage your audience and increase click-through rates. This has numerous spillover benefits, as it provides more opportunities to generate revenue, whilst also improving metrics that help with your search engine ranking.

2. More Creative Freedom for Designers

Whilst both formats are natively supported on all browsers, HTML5 banners essentially act as another web page enclosed in a frame. As such, designers can use different scripts such as CSS and JavaScript. This provides your designers with much more creative freedom and allows them to create truly engaging ads that resonate with your audience. On the other hand, GIFs simply don’t have this capability. They are relatively limited in scope and provide your designers with little room to maneuver. HTML 5 ads convert significantly higher than their GIF counterparts and this is definitely a primary reason why.

3. Compact File Size

File size can definitely be an issue when using animated GIFs. GIF files typically need to be locally uploaded and hosted, whereas HTML5 can be embedded. It can be difficult to strike an effective balance between an engaging colorful GIF ad and too big of a file size. Due to their significantly lower file sizes, HTML5 ads are much faster to load for users on your site, noticeably improving their user experience. Slow loading times are one of the most common reasons that users will leave a site, a problem that HTML5 banners help alleviate. With an improved user experience comes higher click-through and conversion rates, as well as better search engine rankings over the longer term.

Animated HTML5 Banners

4. Inclusion of Rich Media

A huge advantage of HTML5 banners over animated GIFs is that they can include rich media content, such as HTML5 video clips and audio streams. With an annual increase of 46% in video advertisement investment, HTML5 ads represent a great way to keep up with this emerging trend. Statistics suggest that video ads receive a 20% increase in click-through rate, ultimately increasing profitability if you are able to keep your conversion rate constant. Similarly, audio streams are being increasingly thought of as an engaging and efficient way of communicating with your audience. Instead of them having to read paragraph after paragraph of text, you can now communicate the same message over audio. This is much quicker and easier content for them to consume, ultimately improving their user experience.

5. Mobile Friendly

The adaptability and flexibility of HTML5 banner ads mean that they are perfectly geared towards mobile browsers. Over 65% of internet searches now come from mobile devices, as consumers are increasingly browsing the web whilst out and about. As such, it is incredibly important that your display ads in Australia are optimized for different screen sizes and can enhance the browsing experience of mobile users. Conversely, GIFs aren’t as responsive and don’t have the same adaptability to be used effectively on mobile. Many users will report a poor experience with disruptive ads that take up nearly their whole screen. This type of poor experience not only lowers click-through and conversion rates but also adversely affects your on-page SEO over the longer term.

6. Interactive Elements Enhance Engagement

HTML5 banners can easily integrate interactive elements like buttons, forms, and mini-games. This drives user engagement quite a lot and also enriches the user’s experience. As it is more interactive, it encourages the user to stay longer, engage with your content and thus, leading to a higher probability of conversion. As opposed to this, static elements are not as interactive and do not have as much of an impact.

7. Comprehensive Analytics and Tracking

HTML5 banners provide access to tons of analytics and tracking abilities. It goes beyond basic metrics like CTRs and tracks minute nuances of a user’s online behavior. It includes details like hover durations, interests, interactions with specific elements, and much more. This valuable data provides deep insights that can have huge impacts on refining and optimizing advertising campaigns.

8. Future-Proof Your Advertising Efforts

The digital world is highly dynamic and staying one step ahead of the competition at all times is necessary. HTML5 is compatible with upcoming browsers, devices, and platforms, which means your campaigns will remain effective even with the onset of new advancements. On the other hand, static formats like GIFs can face niggles with compatibility and may not be as future-proof.

HTML5 Banner Ads Service

You’re now well aware of the immense benefits that HTML5 banners can have over animated HTML5 GIFs. They are much more versatile and adaptable, specifically catered to mobile users in an ever-changing digital landscape. Similarly, they noticeably improve the browsing experience of your users. The lower file sizes mean that your website will be much quicker to load, whilst the inclusion of rich media content is an engaging and exciting way to interact with your audience.

Invest in your business today with a high-quality HTML5 banner design in Australia that will see your revenue soar. For as little as $600, you can order an animation package with 7 different sizes and 2-day delivery. With the revenue that this could help generate for your business, it is well worth a small investment upfront.

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