Choosing Indian Top Tech Talent: Beyond Your Comprehensive Knowledge On Them

A Data-Driven Approach to Identifying Top Tech Talent in India

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Executive summary

In today’s competitive business landscape, hiring top tech talent in India has become crucial for organizations looking to drive success and innovation. However, defining and identifying top talent can be a subjective and challenging task. This whitepaper provides insights into what constitutes top India tech talent and proposes a strategy for optimizing the hiring process. Leveraging data from a vast network of remote tech talents in India, the whitepaper explores parameters such as education, experience, skills, communication abilities, problem-solving, adaptability, and leadership to define top tech talent.

The whitepaper introduces a combination-based approach to defining top tech talent, assigning weightages to parameters based on their importance. By establishing a set of combination sets, organizations can evaluate candidates objectively and identify talents that align with their specific requirements. The paper provides an example of evaluating junior developers using combination sets, highlighting the comprehensive nature of the approach.

Furthermore, the whitepaper emphasizes the importance of a streamlined hiring process in the face of a global tech talent shortage. It highlights that defining and identifying top talents through a data-driven approach, such as combination sets, can enhance hiring rates and contribute to a cohesive workforce. By adopting this methodology, organizations can reduce attrition rates, maximize productivity, and ensure the acquisition of top India tech talent.

Chapter 1


In today’s competitive and rapidly changing business landscape, hiring top tech talent has become extremely crucial. Top tech talent are the employees who propel an organization towards success on the basis of their skills, expertise, and unique qualities. These talents are generally considered skilled, smart, trustworthy, independent contributors for various tasks, adaptable to the global work culture, consistently high performers, and the leaders of tomorrow.

Before you start identifying top talent, it is crucial to first get an idea of what constitutes top remote tech talent in India. It is important to remember that the definition of a top talent is subjective to the employer and the job role. 

In a nutshell, a top talent who is a perfect fit for one company, may not be perfect for another. So how to find the top talent that fits your bill?

The goal of this whitepaper is to shed light on what is a top India tech talent and how to implement a strategy to make the hiring process efficient

Chapter 2

Understanding Top India Tech Talent And Evaluating Them

The data we use in this whitepaper is from our massive network of more than 200,000 remote tech talents in India, across more than 100 skill-sets. We gathered a range of data, viz. qualification, experience, expected salary, location, for the India tech talents across various job roles. They will play a crucial role when we define the talents in the subsequent sections.

India Tech Talent

These reports are available freely over the web and define top talents in a way similar to ours.

Chapter 3

Defining Top India Tech Talent

A talent can be defined with basic parameters, viz. education, experience, and skills. A top tech talent, on the other hand, goes beyond the conventional description and possesses a variety of other parameters, such as communication skills, problem solving abilities, adaptability, leadership, etc. To properly define a top tech talent, we will use these parameters and group them into combinations.

top tech talent

Let us consider the job description of a junior developer:

top tech talent

As per the parameters and weightages given above, a typical junior developer must have the combination C = 4A + B + D + F + H

Note: The candidate requires knowledge of computer science, programming language, database, MS Office, which is why skills are represented as 4A.

Chapter 4

Testing The Combination Sets To Find Tech Talent

To test our hypothesis, let us check the combination sets for the top talents hired via Uplers.

remote tech talent

top tech talent

If each parameter is worth 10 points, the above talents have a valuation of:

Swati Kapoor = 90

Om Prakash Bharti = 80

Jyoti Singh = 70

Evidently, when it comes to finding remote tech talent of top most quality, Uplers’ talents are miles ahead of the standard description, establishing themselves as a truly top India tech talent. Each talent scores highly in the combination set, proving that they are highly-skilled and add immense value to their employers.

Chapter 5

Optimizing The Hiring Process For Identifying Top Talents Easily

Combination sets are a systematic way to identify the top tech talents who will prove crucial to your business goals. However, perfection is a constant struggle for improvement and thus, a consistent hiring challenge as well, which is why it is necessary to constantly monitor and optimize the combination sets as per your convenience.

Consider these three points while refining the combination sets:

Analyzing the effectiveness of the combination sets

Check the quality of the remote tech talents you are hiring after you implement the combination sets in your hiring process. As the quality of the talents rises, the effectiveness of the combination sets becomes more visible. Ultimately, you gain clarity on identifying top talents and start hiring them, reducing the chances of bad hires and prolonged hiring cycles.

Seeking feedback from HR and hiring managers

The HRs are directly in touch with the talents, which makes them the best-placed for reviewing the effectiveness of the combination sets. Hence, their inputs are important in refining the hiring process and testing the impact of the combination sets. The vote of confidence from hiring managers will attest the success of the combination sets.

Making adjustments to parameter weightage or scoring system as needed

The combination sets define talents in a particular way. However, the definition of top tech talent may differ from one organization to another. Therefore, it is important to optimize the combination sets as per your idea of a top talent. Take inputs from the hiring managers and other stakeholders to improve upon the combination sets, by either adding more parameters or tweaking the weightage system for finding remote tech talent in India.


Key Takeaways

Any degree of vagueness in the hiring cycle can lead to onboarding an unsuitable talent. An average LinkedIn job description fetches 250+ applications and the problem amplifies when you consider the global tech talent shortage. It is becoming increasingly important as to defining and identifying top talents for ensuring minimum attrition and maximum productivity.

demand for tech talent

An objective-based process such as the combination sets can be your key to better hiring rates amidst a global talent crunch. Retaining the top india tech talents and building a cohesive workforce becomes easier with this methodology.

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