1. What is the difference between client deployed positions at Uplers [ i.e. Uplers Talent Network] and the in-house Uplers team?

      Uplers is a talent matchmaking platform that matches India's top tech and digital talent with global companies that offer amazing remote job opportunities. Tech and digital talent complete their profiles, join the Uplers Talent Network, clear assessments, apply to live jobs, and get matched with amazing job opportunities.

      Here are some of the primary job opportunities available through the Uplers Talent Network: https://ats.uplers.com/talent/joinus

      However, there are also a few in-house job openings at Uplers: https://www.uplers.com/careers/#open-positions

    2. What exclusive benefits will I get being a part the in-house team at Uplers?

      When you join the in-house team at Uplers, you will have access to exclusive benefits such as remote work, internet allowance, performance-based incentives, pathways for career development, a supportive work environment, a competitive salary, term and personal accidental insurance, health insurance, travel and vacation allowance, as well as the distinction of working at a certified Great Place To Work" and LinkedIn's "Best Employer Brand". Additionally, you will have the opportunity to work in a permanent remote role from anywhere, make an impact, and grow your career with us without any limitations.
    3. How often are new job opportunities for the in-house team at Uplers updated?

      New job opportunities for the in-house team at Uplers are posted within the first 3 days of every month. Therefore, we encourage all interested candidates to keep a lookout during this time to apply for suitable job openings.
    4. What is the process for shortlisting candidates at Uplers?

      The Talent Acquisition team sources potential candidates from job portals, employee and ex-employee referrals, career page job postings, vendor networks and website applications. Based on the requirements obtained from the hiring manager, they screen and shortlist candidates.
    5. How can candidates be referred for an in-house job opening at Uplers?

      If you know anyone who currently works at Uplers or used to work at Uplers, you can ask them to refer you for a relevant job opening via Jobvite.
    6. What is the screening process to get an in-house job at Uplers?

      Uplers screens candidates through a set of screening questions asked by the Talent Acquisition Team that are based on the hiring manager's requirements. Once shortlisted, candidates move on to the assessment center, where they are evaluated for various job criteria based on the role and requirements. For certain job roles, additional tests on language aptitude and coding proficiency may be required.
    7. What happens after I pass all the tests for a job opportunity?

      The next step is a video interview with your hiring manager to ensure that you are a technical and cultural fit.
    8. What happens after a candidate accepts an offer from Uplers?

      After accepting the offer, the candidate is sent an offer letter, and the position is then considered closed.
    9. What is Uplers’ cheque policy?

      If a candidate joins Uplers beyond 10 working days from the date of confirmation, they are required to send a cheque worth one month's salary. This is a security measure for Uplers to ensure the position is filled and can be closed from our end. The cheque is returned to the candidate within the first week of the candidate being onboarded with Uplers. Additionally, it also helps us secure the assets we send across to you.
    10. How does Uplers keep in touch with candidates between offer acceptance and joining date?

      Uplers' team keeps in constant touch with candidates to ensure they don't face any challenges and are reminded of their joining date a week in advance. We carry out all communication with our soon-to-join employees through e-mails, WhatsApp and text message. Uplers only onboards new employees on Mondays and Thursdays to streamline the onboarding process.
    11. How long does the recruitment process take?

      The recruitment process can vary depending on the position and availability of candidates and hiring managers, but typically it takes around 2-4 weeks from the time a position is posted to when an offer is made.
    12. What kind of roles do you typically recruit for?

      Our in-house positions typically recruit candidates for digital marketing, design, development, learning and development, brand and marketing, sales, software development, people and culture, and customer support.
    13. Can I apply for multiple positions at once?

      Yes, you can apply for multiple positions at once if you feel that you are qualified for them.
    14. Can I request feedback if I am not selected for a position?

      Yes, we understand that feedback is important for candidates to improve their skills and performance. You can request feedback from our Talent Acquisition team if you are not selected for a position.
    15. Where can I see my job application status?

      You can click on the application status link and check your status. All candidates' data is recorded on Jobvite, and job vacancies are promoted through Jobvite links only. Therefore, you should be able to find all the relevant information about your application status on your registered email. In case you face any difficulties or have further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.
    16. What will be a part of the assets and how will the assets be dellivered to me?

      As part of your onboarding process at Uplers Talent Network, we will provide you with a welcome kit and a laptop. These assets will be delivered to you on your first day of joining with us.
    17. Will I need to return the joining kit if I leave within 6 months of joining?

      If you decide to leave Uplers anytime after joining, you will not be required to send back your joining kit, except for the laptop and its charger which we request to be returned. The rest of the joining kit is yours to keep and use as you please.
    18. What is the probation period at Uplers?

      The probation period for in-house positions at Uplers is generally six months. However, exceptional performance during this time may lead to early confirmation with the company.
    19. What benefits do I get during probation?

      During your probation period at Uplers, you will be entitled to several benefits including mediclaim, an internet allowance, six days of paid leave, accidental insurance, and workations. These benefits are designed to ensure that you feel supported and comfortable during your early days with us.
    20. What additional benefits do I get after my probation ends?

      After your probation period ends and you are confirmed as a Uplers employee, you become eligible for a total of 24 days of leave, including 15 days of privilege leave, 6 sick leaves, and 3 casual leaves. Additionally, you become eligible for performance incentives after confirmation.
    21. How do I return my assets when I decide to leave Uplers?

      When you decide to leave Uplers, you can connect with our IT team and they will provide you with the necessary information on how to return the assets. They will guide you on which courier service to use for returning the assets. The administrative team will handle the entire process once they are informed about the separation.
    22. How can I connect with the in-house hiring team of Uplers?

      If you want to connect with the in-house hiring team at Uplers, you can do so through various channels. You can connect with them by dropping an email to careers@uplers.in, or call them at +91 79 4032 4566. The team will be happy to assist you with your queries.