Key Findings

The impact of COVID-19 was felt by agencies large and small across the globe, and the results of our survey showed some interesting differences in the ways agencies were affected.

A few findings from the Report:

  • 57% of agencies are anticipating the impact of COVID-19 to last for more than 6 months.
  • 66% of agencies experienced a decrease in overall revenue, whilst 16% saw an increase.
  • 58% of agencies offered flexibility in their terms, whilst 28% of agencies reduced their fees.
  • 80% of the agencies will explore, continue or increase their investment in outsourcing.

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The Survey Breakdown

  • 130+


  • 50%

    of CEOs

  • 20%

    of Senior Leaders

  • 80+


  • 30+

    Team Size Agencies

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Why did we do
this survey?

We designed this survey for agency owners and employees to better understand how the digital marketing industry has been affected by COVID-19. We wanted a report that would help them make more informed decisions on where they should focus their energy now and in the future moving forward.

Uplers was able to create this report only through the collaboration of 130+ global agencies and we thank each and every one of them for their contributions.

Impact Of COVID-19 Survey
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