Top 3 Things To Consider Before You Hire Employee From India Remotely: A Checklist For Recruiters

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  • February 13, 2023
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Top 3 Things To Consider Before You Hire Employee From India Remotely: A Checklist For Recruiters

The remote hiring culture has triggered companies to create a progressively collaborative and interactive environment among their teams. Thus, finding an employee who can quickly gel up with your existing team and fit in your company culture is the key to effective remote hiring from India! When companies hire employees from India remotely they can recruit highly experienced and qualified talent as per the vision of the job role. 

The process of remote hiring, although considered tedious by hiring managers, is highly essential to find quality talents. This article aims to help recruiters and businesses build the awareness stage of the remote hiring funnel. Are you looking for a comprehensive guide to hiring employees from India?

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hiring foreign remote workers

Hire Employees in India Remotely: Key Hygiene Checks 

These minute checks will simplify your hiring funnel to a great extent:

Enhancing the Business 

When you are in the market to hire, especially in a remote landscape, your company status and image play a crucial role. As a recruiter looking to hire remote employees from India, building assurance and providing clarity in form of basic hygiene is important. The information is to create a stimulating effect in the minds of the applicants:

Company Website 

A well-designed company website is the first interaction between a prospective employee and the employer. The website should shed light on the following details:

  1. Company Overview
  2. Vision and mission
  3. Company culture
  4. Clientele
  5. Client testimonials
  6. Case Studies

Social Media presence 

A proper descriptive profile on LinkedIn and Twitter with crisp details about the company provides reassurance for the prospective employee.


Positive reviews on Job boards also contribute to building credibility for the company in the candidate’s mind with platforms like Glassdoor, Indeed, etc.

Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is the benefits and rewards system devised by the company to boost the morale of an employee and create value for their efforts. The employer branding strategy is pivotal in attracting highly skilled talent to your company. It acts as a perception as to how the employees are treated, cared for, and nurtured in the company. The biggest advocates are the current workforce who possess a sense of pride. 

EVP must communicate the following points to the active job seeker:

  • Why choose your company over the competitors?
  • How does the experience enrich the resume and career trajectory?
  • The benefits, recognition, upskilling, and celebration of milestones for an employee

Here are a few best practices followed by businesses to establish EVP to hire an employee from India remotely- 

  • Town hall meetup updates on professional networking platforms
  • Success stories of employees
  • Employee testimonials or growth stories
  • Annual events
  • Team meetups if any since it’s a work-from-home setup
  • Employee recognition programs will help demonstrate how much your company values inclusivity and what is the workplace culture.

Once you have created a compelling brand placement, it is time to float in job descriptions in the hiring market. The subsequent section will impart all the knowledge you need to create an efficient Job Description.

What’s an Ideal Job Description to Hire Employee from India Remotely?

Being a recruiter, you are familiar with the importance of a job description when looking to hire employee from India remotely. Curating a good job description ensures it would catch an eye of an applicant amongst millions of job postings and attract quality applications. As reported by  Indeed, job descriptions with an approximate character count of 700 – 2,000 are likely to receive 30% more applications. The quality of content, keyword targeting, job title, and descriptions gives the candidate clarity about the expectations. Here are 5 Must-haves for a strong job description.

5 Attributes of a Strong Job Description

hire remote employee from india

Job Title to be precise

Informative and job titles with accurate descriptions attract more applications. Job titles that include key phrases describe the role to hire virtual employees from India. Word of the wise is to avoid any internal jargon like ‘U-level’ or L1. Simply use the hierarchy it means – Senior or Leadership Group.

Comprehensive Job Summary

A good JD requires a job summary to be shared. It is wise to share a concise description that would garner attention, provide an overview of the company, and set the expectations for the role. Often, companies make the mistake of over-emphasizing the technical terminology, and in an attempt to do so, they fail to build a connection with the audience base. 

Some key features of an effective summary-

  1. A strong opening statement
  2. Details about the company and introduce the brand
  3. Job Location – Remote, Hybrid, or Office Location
  4. Qualifications & skills

Qualifications & Skills

A candidate while job surfing needs to have clarity about employer expectations, roles, responsibilities, and skills required and cross-check their preference of interests. 

Outline the following –

  1. Qualifications and must-have skills
  2. Classify good to have skills
  3. software requirements
  4. Professional certifications
  5. Soft skill

Define roles and responsibilities

A candidate while job surfing needs to have clarity about employer expectations, roles, responsibilities, and skills required and cross-check their preference of interests. 

Outline the following –

  1. Primary expectations from the role
  2. List of daily activities
  3. The role alignment and reporting structure in the organization

Transparency about benefits and culture

In the current remote-first approach, compensation excites job seekers; the work culture and employee benefits are equally vital. According to Glassdoor findings, a toxic workplace culture is 10.4 times more likely to contribute to an employee leaving. Hence, when you are hiring foreign remote workers, it’s vital to prepare a job description that conveys the following:

  1. Career opportunities
  2. Work-life balance 
  3. Positive work culture 
  4. Organizational work style, etc.

Hiring Criteria

Once you have clarity on the above-stated aspects of the job description, it’s time to decide on the hiring criteria. These specifications lay the foundation for how you should go about filtering the candidate profiles.

The parameters to hire remote employees are:

hiring foreign remote workers

Technical and soft skills

When you  hire remote employee from India, you must be very considerate about the technical and soft skills of the candidate. Technical skills are of extreme importance for problem-solving and communicating effectively and assessing a candidate’s performance. 

Time zones to consider

In a remote work environment, it’s crucial to ensure that you are aligned with the time zones. An asynchronous working module can be a way of overcoming the challenge of time zone syncing.  Uplers is a hiring platform that can help you find the best Indian remote talent across 5+ time zones. This way, your project stays ongoing because the talents supporting your project is always online. 

Language & communication competency parameters

Testing the candidate’s command over the language is vital. Hiring employees in India remotely requires a thorough evaluation of communication skills. If an applicant has a remarkable flare in the language but needs better communication skills, it can adversely impact the success of your project. They can’t put their ideas across the table clearly, which can be a stumbling block in business growth. For instance, Uplers uses Versant as its language proficiency measurement tool. Versant tests are fully automated tests of spoken language. 

Hiring budget to be defined

Deciding on the financial aspect of the hiring process can’t be overlooked. You must define your hiring budget precisely and clearly so that the talent acquisition team is well aware of the same. The stated budget gives the hiring managers a roadmap, so they don’t go overboard with the recruitment costs.


Self-motivation is an essential attribute to look for in hiring foreign remote workers. In a virtual work setup, you cannot constantly monitor the activities of the employees. Accountability on the part of the employee is very important. The candidate’s motivation is the driving factor to guarantee that the quality of work and timelines aren’t compromised. Ultimately, this will have a fruitful bearing on your business profitability. 

Organizational Skills

Work-from-home requires candidates to be tech-savvy to work effectively in unison with the team towards the end goal attainment. To juggle different tasks, an applicant must have solid organizational and time-management skills. Employees need to have outstanding organizing skills because there is no manager to overlook the work constantly.

Did this remote hiring guide answer all your queries?

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Keep this article handy as your checklist in the pre-hiring phase!

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