Contact Form 7 or Gravity Forms – Which to Prefer?

  • Aayush Gupta
  • June 28, 2017
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Contact Form 7 or Gravity Forms – Which to Prefer?

Contact form plugins are the great way to let your users get in contact with you. If you can place an easy and straightforward option in front of your audience then they will love to reach you with their queries or demands. Thus, customized contact forms when put strategically boost the interactions.

It is the way visitors get interacted after landing on your website, yet it need to set strategically to make it effective. Who don’t love to get an easy way to get in touch.

Creating contact forms needs to take care of many form component and factors to make them effective, otherwise you won’t be able to target your audience appropriately. These includes Menus, Number Fields, Date Field, Checkboxes, Radio Buttons, reCAPTCHA, Quiz, Acceptance Checkbox, Hidden Field, and Submit Button.

Sometimes, people make fuss in creating the useful contact forms on a webpage and blocks their way to know what their visitors want.

Also, you need to take a few other factors like maximum & Minimum Length Options, Character Count, Setting Placeholder Text, getting default Values from the Context, setting Default Values to the Logged-In User, and Default Values from Shortcode Attributes.

Contact Form 7 and Gravity Forms are two most widely adopted and favorable contact form plugins you can choose to create an interactive website. In other words, these plugins will help you to build an anticipatory website design which users love to interact and get in touch with business directly.

Similarly, businesses will get their users involved by adding contact forms to their posts and pages straight away.

Contact Form 7

It is a simplest, easy and fast way to make your website ready for visitor’s interactions. Contact Form 7 is one of the most popular plugins for WordPress. It is simple, fast, easy and effective way to put contact form on your website’s pages and posts.

However, you can modify the default form or even create an entirely new one. Contact Form 7 allows you to create unlimited number of form. Easily customize, set required fields, and styling contact form.

It can manage the multiple forms and you can customize it in any preferred language as well.

By using the ‘generate tag’ button on the form editor you can select available field types and then put them into the form.

You can blacklist comment by using Akismet and CAPTCHA to stay worry free from influx of spams or unwanted messages.

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms provides a wealth of features, functionalities and accessibility.

It is the easiest way to create advanced forms and place them on your WordPress website. It is quickest way to create advanced contact forms on your website. Over a million WordPress website uses Gravity Forms to enable contact forms.

It is easy to extend Gravity Forms while integrating with several web applications and optional add-ons such as PayPal, Stripe, Campaign Monitor and MailChimp are a few among many others.

With-out knowing much tech-how it is easy to integrate Gravity Forms on your pages and posts.

Comprehensive Details of Contact Form 7 and Gravity Forms

contact form 7Gravity Forms
  • Free Form Plugin
  • Simplest form creation
  • Open Source
  • Best free contact form plugin
  • Ease of front-end customization
  • No Business Model
  • Been around since 2007
  • Most downloaded contact form plugin
  • Third party plugins as Add-Ons
  • Best for creating simple forms
  • Manage multiple contact forms
  • Content flexibility with simple markup
  • Supports CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filtering
  • Contact Form 7 setup is difficult
  • Good selection of field type
  • Paid Form Plugin
  • Advanced form creation
  • Open Source
  • Best premium contact form plugin
  • Ease of forms creation (Drag-n-Drop Model)
  • Paid Business Model
  • Been around since 2009
  • Surveys, quiz, user submitted content, web directory
  • Premium support options FAQs, knowledge base, forums, and email support
  • Better simplification of complex form features
  • Provides admin options
  • Best for creating complex forms
  • Conditional logic
  • Multipage forms
  • Track entries in database
  • Payment integrations
  • Email marketing services integrations
  • Schedule forms
  • Good for automation
  • CRM integration

We hope this post will answer all your questions and help you in deciding to choose the best suitable contact form plugin for your website.

However, choosing the suitable contact form depends on your requirement.

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