Angular Developer 101: An Ultimate Guide to Hire Angular Developers Easily

  • Aayush Gupta
  • April 6, 2022
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Angular Developer 101: An Ultimate Guide to Hire Angular Developers Easily

An Angular developer is a professional software engineer specializing in Javascript. These experts are hired to create powerful and fully-functional user interfaces for websites and web applications.

Since there are more than 2.3 million Angular developers in the world, it isn’t easy to find the best one for your website. In fact, 83% of recruiters have reported that hiring such tech talent is the hardest part of their work.

To hire the top Angular developers, one needs to have complete knowledge of current demand, factors affecting Angular developer salary, skills to look for, and much more.

And this Angular developer hiring guide will help you know about everything you must know to hire Angular developers easily.

What Does an Angular Developer do?

The major role of an Angular developer is to offer full-fledged UI services for websites and web applications.

There are a number of other things that you should know before hiring them such as:

Angular Developer Skills Required

Before you hire an Angular developer, the core skills they possess are:

  • Excellent with Javascript
  • Typescript proficiency
  • Testing and debugging
  • Git
  • HTML and CSS
  • Understanding of version control
  • Knowledge of selecting the right stack

Angular Developer Roles and Responsibilities

Along with having the required Angular developer skills, the role and responsibilities of an Angular developer are:

  • Implement the best Angular practices in building user interfaces
  • Conduct tests
  • Stay upgraded with new tools and technologies in the niche
  • Utilize front-end tools to create a responsive UI for a modern interface
  • Possess good team skills
  • Build and deliver a compatible website with all devices
  • Ensure app success and offer post-development support

These are the very first thing that every professional Angular development company looks for before hiring talent.

Levels of Angular Developers as per their Experience

You can hire Angular developers based on different levels and experience.

Levels of Angular developer

Associate Angular Developer Roles

0 to 1 year of experience.

  • Writing code based on design concepts and patterns
  • Providing internal assistance for all Angular framework
  • Following software development procedures
  • Collaborating with teams

Level 1 Angular Developer Responsibilities

1–2 years of experience. 

Designing software, implementing, testing,  debugging, and participating in various software development life cycle stages along with providing support reporting to the project manager.

Level 2 Angular Developer Responsibilities

2 to 3.5 years of experience.

Level 2 responsibilities are essentially the same as level 1, but additional independence, ownership, and contribution to the project’s overall infrastructure.

Level 3 Angular Developer Roles

3.5 to 5 years of experience. 

  • Analyzing system needs and demands
  • Analyzing system flow and building software solutions for them 
  • Data utilization and procedures. 
  • Troubleshooting and advising on the software development life cycle

Lead Software (Angular) Developer

5–7 years of experience.

A lead angular developer goes through an analytical process to meet the system’s requirements and takes ownership of the entire project. 

After understanding the application’s needs and design, a lead software developer is expected to construct the detailed design structure.

Principal software developer

7–9 years of experience. 

The detailed design and day-to-day management of a software development team are his/her responsibilities. 

This involves providing guidance and assistance with software and hardware components, implementation, and delivery.

Senior Principal Software Developer

9 to 11 years of experience as a Senior Principal Software Developer.

Designing, coding, and debugging software are among the responsibilities. He/she is also responsible for maintaining and upgrading the existing software and is responsible for mentoring and assisting other engineers.

Software architect

Have 11 to 15 years of experience.

A software architect must regularly evaluate the code to assure the design’s quality by reducing complications and emphasizing clarity. He/she may also 

An Estimate of Angular Developer Salary

Average Angular developer salary

In the United States, a junior Angular web developer earns $97,500 a year, or $50.78 per hour. A senior angular developer earns $139,043, or 72.41 per hour, and a mid-level Angular developer salary is $112,460, or $57.67 per working hour.

Before hiring a front-end application developer, compare developer salaries in different locations and check expert availability in the desired region.

Note: Here’s the guide to knowing the Angular developer salary in the USA and around the world

Benefits of Hiring an Angular Developer

There are several benefits of hiring an Angular developer that can aid in better website performance and the overall smooth functioning of the organization.

1. Professionalism and expertise

The Angular developers you hire are well-versed in their areas of the field. They are highly professional and experts in what they do. Their professionalism in work as well as the working environment helps you build not only strong programs but also strong teams.

2. Cost-effective

Hiring a dedicated professional for your web development project is one of the best investments you can do for your business. Given the services, professionalism, and quality, the amount spent on good Angular developers is highly cost-effective.

3. Time-efficient

Since Angular developers know what they’re doing, they offer a smooth workflow with fewer errors and almost no imperfection. Taking help from an experienced developer really saves a lot of time which is not possible when working with someone inexperienced.

Realistic Tips on Hiring Angular Developers

Here are the top 5 tips to hire Angular developers.

Tips to hire Angular developer

1. Prepare Yourself for Hiring

Make a list of the following items before you start the hiring process:

  • Understand the project’s requirements
  • Decide the number of programmers you need to hire
  • Exactly how much time would you like to spend in the hiring process? 
  • Understand the experience range that you wish to hire for
  • Determine a hiring budget

Preplanning like this will help you stay ahead of the discrepancies that might occur in the future.

2. Prepare a Job Description (JD)

Writing a proper developer job description can help you attract the right candidates in the first place. If you mention all the criteria clearly beforehand, this will narrow down your approach and target only the right fit.

The job description should cover the following items:

  • A brief description of your job along with the job title 
  • Responsibilities in the workplace
  • Benefits and incentives provided 
  • Qualifications and skills required
  • Background information about the company

3. Ask the Right Interview Questions

Asking the right Angular interview questions is the key to hiring the best candidate in every single interview. Keep a list of questions prepared that includes everything related to Angular skills, tools, language, and everything.

Note: Check out this guide to know what are the best Angular developer interview questions that you should ask.

4. Keep an effective interview procedure

An effective interview procedure includes good communication between the recruiters and the candidate, transparency of policies and legalities, and short and effective rounds that help in hiring the candidate easily.

5. Check for their past works, experience, and knowledge

Conducting a comprehensive background check is crucial to ensure that the candidate possesses the necessary proficiency in Angular and AngularJS for handling tasks and executing work. By reviewing their portfolio, we can gain valuable insights into their expertise, skills, and the caliber of their previous projects.

Ways and Platforms to Hire Angular Developers

Here are some ways and platforms to hire Angular developers:

1. UTS (Uplers Talent Solutions)

Uplers is creating a new wave in remote hiring by helping companies hire from a strong network of top tech talent from India for the world.

Companies across the globe can hire remote Angular developers, WordPress Developers, Web Designers, PHP developers, Marketers, Graphic designers, and more with Uplers.

Just share your requirements and we’ll filter the best candidates for you from the top 3% of India’s tech talent.

2. Freelancing Platforms

Platforms like Upwork and Fiverr are great to hire freelance Angular developers for your business. You can check out various profiles and choose the best candidate based on their portfolio, ratings, and experience.

3. Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies can help you with finding the talent as per your requirements. You can hire them on a contract basis or full-time, depending upon your needs.


Q1: Who is an Angular developer?

A: Angular developers are professional software engineers specializing in Javascript. Their job is to design, create, and execute User Interfaces for websites and web applications.

Q2: Why hire angular developers?

A: Hiring an Angular developer is important if you want to build a fully-functional UI for your website or web applications. Their expertise can help you build a compatible web development project that is time as well as cost-effective.

Q3: Where can I find Angular developers?

A: You can easily find and hire Angular developers from platforms like Uplers, Fiverr, Indeed, Upwork, and more.

Q4: How much does it cost to hire an Angular developer?

A: To hire a freelance Angular developer, it may cost you between $20 to $40 per hour, for a remote Angular developer $80K to $90K per year, and for an in-office developer it may cost between $90K to $120K per year.

Q5: What skills to look for in an Angular developer?

A: An Angular developer must possess basic skills like HTML and CSS along with major skills like typescript, Javascript, and also team coordination skills.


Hiring Angular developers is not easy. Recruiters need to take care of a lot of things from budget planning to interview planning, and selecting the right candidates.

This guide is a simple pathway to understanding what things to consider before making the final call.

If you’re looking to hire remote Angular developers, then you can contact Uplers and hire the top, pre-vetted, and shortlisted candidates to save yourself from the tiring hustle of the hiring process.

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